Medical Oxygen Cylinder

Medical Oxygen Cylinder means a vessel for storing high pure medical oxygen ‍and Medical oxygen called High pure oxygen gas. This gas is used to treat the human body. And oxygen cylinders are used to store high pure medical oxygen. No other gas is allowed inside the cylinder to maintain the purity of oxygen.

Medical oxygen cylinder

Medical oxygen cylinder

What is Medical Oxygen ?

We all hear the words oxygen and medical oxygen.These two things may seem the same to us. In fact, there are many differences between the two. Medical oxygen is high pure oxygen. Which is used to treat the human body, such as: those whose body oxygen level falls below 95%, they have to be given medical oxygen.

What is Oxygen Cylinder?

The oxygen cylinder is a container for storing high pure oxygen. No other gas storage is allowed inside the cylinder to maintain the purity of the medical oxygen. Now we will know how many types of oxygen cylinders there are :

There are 4 types of oxygen cylinders for the convenience of the users.

1.First of all, Linde oxygen cylinder, These cylinders supply high quality medical oxygen gas through easy-to-use cylinders. One Linde Oxygen Cylinder can hold 1.4 cubic meters of medical oxygen. A cylinder can be used for 10 to 12 hours, taking in oxygen at a flow rate of 2 liters per minute. At present a Linde Oxygen cylinder is sold in Bangladesh for only 18500/- taka. At this price a customer will get: Oxytherapy set, Face mask, Nasal cannula, Trolley, and a fully refill linde cylinder.

2.In second place is the China Oxygen Cylinder, Since this cylinder is manufactured in China, it is known as China Oxygen Cylinder in Bangladesh. A China Oxygen Cylinder is 36 inches high and weighs 13 kg. The color is white and black. These cylinders are of two types, median and standard size. One cylinder is 2,000+ pressure liters, and this is up-to 0 to 15 liters per minute. The oxygen holding capacity of the cylinder is 1.36 cubic meters. The price of a China Oxygen Cylinder in Bangladesh is only 10000 taka. Comes with a complete china cylinder : Oxygen Cylinder, Flow Meter, Nasal Cannula, Oxygen Mask, Moving Trolley.

3.In third place is the Rama Oxygen Cylinder, Rama oxygen cylinders are very high quality oxygen cylinders. These cylinders are made of steel tubes, manganese steel and chrome molybdenum steel. Rama cylinders are available in multiple sizes with filling pressure from 1.5Ltr to 220 Ltr, 150Bar to 300 bar. A Rama cylinder weighs only 10 kg, these cylinders are used for medical purposes. The pressure in the cylinder during use is 150 kgf / cm2. When buying Rama Oxygen Cylinders you will need to purchase all other equipment. Such as: Flow Meter, Nasal Cannula, Oxygen Mask, Moving Trolley. But if you buy this cylinder from Marium Oxygen, you will get everything with it. At present Marium Oxygen Sell high-quality Rama Oxygen Cylinder at the best price in Bangladesh.

4.Islam Oxygen Cylinder is in the fourth position, Islam Oxygen is a Bangladeshi company that produces oxygen cylinders from China, Brought to Bangladesh. These oxygen cylinders are called Islam oxygen cylinders. Compared to other oxygen, these cylinders are very good in terms of price and quality. An Islamic oxygen cylinder weighs 15 kg, height 3 feet, and oxygen holding capacity is 1.36 cubic meters. In general, The Islam oxygen cylinder sell price in Bangladesh starts from 10000 taka to 11000 taka. But if you want to get home delivery service then delivery service free.

Who needs medical oxygen cylinder?

Patients with a number of diseases use medical oxygen cylinders to receive oxygen therapy. Below are some notable examples of cases in which these medical oxygen cylinders are used.

1.Asthma : With asthma, the asthma sufferer becomes inflamed and produces a lot of mucus. Which prevents breathing. This results in a lack of oxygen in the patient’s body. Then the level of oxygen in the blood decreases. An oxygen cylinder can pump high levels of medical oxygen into a patient’s blood. When they have asthma.

2.Pneumonia : Pneumonia is a contagious disease. Where more than one air sac is inflamed in the lungs of a lung patient and in many cases it is filled with fluid. In this case many pneumonia patients have been cured by giving oxygen therapy. And the results are very good clinically.

3.Lung cancer : Medical oxygen cylinders are also commonly used in patients with lung cancer. These include hypoxemia and dyspnea. In some cases, hypoxemia can be relieved, in contrast to shortness of breath.
In many cases, medical oxygen cylinders are also used to relieve shortness of breath in non-hypoxemic patients.

4.COPD : When someone has chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder, they have difficulty breathing. And then there is the need to provide oxygen therapy. This allows extra oxygen to enter the patient’s body and makes it easier for the patient to breathe. Patients with COPD may need oxygen therapy at any time, so keep a medical oxygen cylinder at home at all times.

These medical oxygen cylinders are also used for patients suffering from many other diseases. However, we have mentioned here the names of the diseases that people use the most oxygen cylinders when they are infected.

However, many people admit to harassment when they go to buy this product. Harassment of product prices. We have come up with a total of 7 medical oxygen price lists so that customers do not have to fall into such harassment. These oxygen cylinders are most suitable for use at home, hospital, clinic and any place while traveling.

Top 7 medical oxygen cylinders Price list in Bangladesh below :

  1. China Portable Oxygen Cylinder 1500 ltr pressure : 10000/- taka.
  2. Linde Portable : 18500/- taka.
  3. Essence Medical Oxygen Cylinder : 16000/- taka.
  4. Spectra Oxygen Limited : 20000/- taka.
  5. Chinese Oxygen Cylinder – (COC-1.36) 2000 ltr pressure 3ft : 10000/- taka.
  6. Linde Medical Oxygen Cylinder – (MOS-1.4) 2000 ltr pressure 3ft : 22500/- taka.
  7. Islam Oxygen Cylinder – (IOL-1.4) 2000 ltr pressure 3ft : 10500/- taka.

Learn more about Medical Oxygen Cylinder then purchase it. And be sure to consult a doctor before using. And use caution when using.