Oxygen Cylinder BD

Oxygen Cylinder BD

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Marium Oxygen sells all oxygen cylinders bd related medical equipment including full set oxygen cylinder and oxygen cylinder rent or refill services at affordable prices. Whether you are a businessman or an individual, you can buy any oxygen cylinder related products from us at retail and wholesale prices at affordable prices.

We have small and easily portable oxygen cylinders as well as high capacity cylinders. These large cylinders are suitable for home, hospital or any clinic use.You can carry the small cylinders anywhere and use them.

Through this article we will tell what is oxygen cylinder? How much does it cost to buy? And this cylinder can be bought from any place?

What is an Oxygen Cylinder?

An oxygen cylinder is a steel bottle for holding liquid medical oxygen gas.Where high pressure liquid medical oxygen is kept.There are mainly 2 types of oxygen cylinders. One is a portable and the other is a large size medical oxygen cylinder.

You can use portable oxygen for 10 to 12 hours. If you keep the oxygen flow at a rate of 2 liters per minute. And large oxygen cylinders can be used for 48 hours with a flow rate of 2 liters per minute.

Small Trolleys are available for transporting small oxygen cylinders from one place to another.Also, you can carry these small cylinders in bags and use them in different places. And there are big size trolleys for big cylinders.
With which the cylinders are moved from one room to another. But if necessary, they should be removed with the help of some local people.

What is an Oxygen Cylinder?

How much does it cost to buy this oxygen cylinder BD?

Different types of medical oxygen cylinders are used in BD (Bangladesh).

  1. Linde Oxygen Cylinder: Linde is one of the most popular brands of oxygen cylinders in the country. Manufactures high quality cylinders that are reliable and durable. These cylinders are ideal for those who need a portable oxygen supply for medical emergencies or use in industrial settings. Linde cylinders are also easy to use and available with a variety of customization options, making them the perfect choice for any business or individual.
  2. Liquid Oxygen Systems: Liquid oxygen systems are the most commonly used type of oxygen cylinders in Bangladesh. These systems are designed to provide high quality oxygen to medical and industrial users. Liquid oxygen systems are easy to use and quick to set up, making them ideal for medical emergencies or for use in factories and other industrial settings.
  3. Portable Oxygen Concentrators (POCs): Portable oxygen concentrators are a must-have for people with breathing difficulties so that they can live comfortably and lead a normal lifestyle. Concentrators come in different sizes with capacities ranging from 2 liters to 25 liters. They are also very easy to use and most have an indicator that lets you know when the machine is ready to use.
  4. Compressed Gas Systems: In Bangladesh, oxygen cylinders are used in a compressed gas system. This type of system uses a specially designed gas cylinder to store and distribute oxygen. The compressed gas system is used to supply oxygen to hospitals, banks and other important buildings.

Medical Oxygen Cylinder Price List :

  1. China Oxygen Cylinder Price 10,500/- taka in Bangladesh.
  2. Islam Oxygen Cylinder Price 12,000/- in Bangladesh.
  3. Rama Oxygen Cylinder Price 15,990/- taka in Bangladesh.
  4. Linde Oxygen Cylinder Price 18,500/- taka in Bangladesh.

This cylinder can be bought from any place?

There are many oxygen cylinder bd sales centers in Dhaka, Bangladesh. But most of them are inexperienced and they are selling fake or normal oxygen cylinders.But today we want to tell you that we are selling all medical oxygen cylinders of high quality. Where can cylinders be purchased from GULSHAN-2, NOTUN BAZAR, VATARA,DHAKA-1212. This cylinder is sold by Marium Oxygen.  Call anytime for oxygen cylinder related issues : +8801714558407