Medical oxygen for respiratory problems.

For over 10 years, we have been providing oxygen services to people who need medical oxygen, including patients with asthma. We feel it is our moral responsibility to meet the daily oxygen needs of all these people. Since they cannot breathe the oxygen they need through breathing.Our Medical Oxygen Service. Helps patients who need medical oxygen or oxygen therapy to live the highest quality of life.

Medical Oxygen Service

We provide to sell, rental and refill oxygen cylinders of four companies at fair prices across Bangladesh.


Surgical Item Sell 

Holding on to the past, we still sell high-quality surgical instruments at a fair price all over Bangladesh.


Medical Equipment 

World-class medical equipment is now at your fingertips.Contact us to purchase from anywhere in Bangladesh.


We are honored to have saved so many lives by providing medical oxygen cylinder services to prevent the Corona epidemic. And we have been at the forefront of providing online medical oxygen services in the Bangladesh market for three consecutive years.

It is the uplifting aspect of the human spirit and we are proud to live our mission every day.


Oxygen Cylinder

Marium Oxygen sell Linda Oxygen Cylinder, China Oxygen Cylinder, Islam Oxygen Cylinder and Rama Oxygen Cylinder all over Dhaka Bangladesh. You can buy high quality Medical Oxygen Cylinder from us at low price. Call this number 01714558407 to buy medical oxygen cylinders from us.

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Oxygen Concentrator

Oxygen concentrators are used for those who need high pressure oxygen. We sell high quality Oxygen Concentrator all over Bangladesh. We have low price high quality standard 5 liter to 10 liter oxygen concentrators. Call our official number 01714558407  to get the oxygen concentrator you need.

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Oxygen Cylinder Rent & Refill  

Oxygen Cylinder Rent.

Marium Oxygen provide rent oxygen cylinders in three parts. Weekly rent, fortnightly rent, and monthly rent. Weekly oxygen cylinder rent 3500 taka. The fortnightly rent is 5000 taka. Monthly oxygen cylinder rent 7000 taka. Contact us to rent Oxygen Cylinder from anywhere in Dhaka and Bangladesh. Contact Number :  01714558407

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Oxygen Cylinder Refill. 

When the pure liquid oxygen from the oxygen cylinder is exhausted, the liquid pure oxygen has to be re-injected into the cylinder. We provide Oxygen Cylinder Refill service in Dhaka for 40 to 60 minutes.Contact us for the oxygen cylinder refill you need.

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Medical Oxygen Cylinder

The demand for medical oxygen cylinder is currently increasing in Bangladesh due to coronavirus and various lung diseases.

So we need to know what is medical oxygen?  

The air we breathe is a mixture of different gases like oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide and hydrogen. And medical oxygen means a kind of high pure gas. Which is used for treatment. This gas is developed for use in the human body. And cylinders are used to hold this high pure medical oxygen. This cylinder is filled with medical oxygen which we call Oxygen Cylinder.  

To get a medical oxygen cylinder, a person needs a prescription written by a doctor. 

No other gas is allowed in this cylinder to protect the purity of medical oxygen. 

However, oxygen is not only used for the human body. This oxygen is used in industry. However, the purity of that oxygen is less than that of medical oxygen. Medical oxygen cylinders bd are very pure.  So we clean the oxygen cylinders well first. Before filling with medical oxygen. 

 Medical oxygen cylinder bd is commonly used in hospitals, clinics and at home. 

Medical oxygen is used to provide first aid in emergencies, during anesthesia, for people who cannot breathe on their own. At present, a large number of medical oxygen cylinders are being used in Bangladesh for the recovery of corona patients from shortness of breath. 

Medical Oxygen Concentrator

Medical Oxygen Concentrator is a medical device. Oxygen concentrators are used to provide extra oxygen. When the level of oxygen in the body decreases a lot. Then the doctor told to take medical oxygen from the oxygen concentrator. 

Oxygen concentrators are used for patients with asthma, lung cancer, COPD, flu and COVID-19. 

 You need to consult a doctor before buying or using Oxygen Concentrator. It can be dangerous to use it without a doctor's advice. 
When the doctor thinks the oxygen concentrator is right for you. He will then tell you how much oxygen to take under pressure and how long to use the concentrator device.

How does an oxygen concentrator work?

Oxygen concentrators are not like oxygen cylinders. This is a Condenser machine. Which draws the air around the machine and filters the nitrogen gas. A thin tube from the oxygen concentrator. Which goes to your face. 
Which gives you pure oxygen through the two open parts at the bottom of your nostrils. Some patients are allowed to use their masks for high levels of oxygen.

There are 2 models of oxygen concentrator. A great model that you can use at home. This model is usually 5/10 liters. The other is a lightweight and portable model. That model you can take anywhere. And you can use it while traveling. 


Medical devices are evaluated, devices, peripherals, machines or equipment created for medical purposes. Healthcare professionals use certain drugs in combination with medical devices, often to enable the delivery of drugs. 

For example, a syringe is a medical device. We use syringes to deliver antibiotics and other medications into the patient's body transdermally, that is, through the skin. We can write the word health care in one or two words: health care or health care. 

“Medical devices range from simple tongue depressors and bedpans to complex programmable pacemakers and closed-loop artificial pancreas systems. 

In addition, medical devices include in vitro diagnostic products (IVD), such as reagents, test kits and blood glucose " "Some radio electronic products used for medical applications are also considered as medical devices. 

These devices benefit humans and animals by helping doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals treat patients and help them overcome illness. They also help patients cope with their illnesses or conditions by improving their quality of life.

The definition of medical device varies :  
Definitions of medical devices vary around the world as there are several regulatory bodies that oversee their marketing.