Oxygen Cylinder for rent and refill service in Dhaka Bangladesh.

Oxygen cylinder rent sale and refill service in Dhaka Bangladesh.

Medical Oxygen Cylinder rent sale and refill service is available 24/7 days in Dhaka and all over Bangladesh.
Listen to me, We are a company that sells, rents and provides refill services for medical oxygen cylinders. If someone buys or rents an oxygen cylinder from us or refills the oxygen cylinder, We deliver medical oxygen cylinders to the patient’s home in just 1 hour in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. Anytime and anywhere in Dhaka Bangladesh In any case.

Oxygen Cylinder rent refill

Oxygen cylinder rent and refill service is now at your fingertips.

Below are the details about the price of Oxygen Cylinder Refill and Rent. If you do not have time to read about this, call this number to know more about this +8801714558407

Our services are more convenient for customers. The most notable reasons for this are:

  1. 1.Our High quality medical oxygen cylinders are cheaper price.
  2. We provide rent high quality medical oxygen cylinders at very low prices.
  3. We provide Oxygen Cylinder Refill service anywhere in Dhaka city within 1 hour day and night.


Medical Oxygen cylinder rent list with price in Dhaka Bangladesh.

  1. 7 days rent Price only 2500/- taka.
  2. 15 days rent Price only 3500/- taka.
  3. 30 days rent Price only ৳ 5000/- taka.

If any customer has rented medical oxygen cylinder from us for 7/15 or 30 days. He will get with the rental cylinder:
A cylinder weighing 16 kg. Its pressure will be 2000+ liters.Per minute 2 liters = 12 hours and 1 liter can be used for 22 to 24 hours. And to make the cylinder work properly, it will come with some more accessories like : Trolley,
Oxygen mask, Nasal cannula, Oxygen flow meter.

Prices of Oxygen Cylinder Refill in Dhaka and all over Bangladesh and this related information :

  1. Linda Oxygen Cylinder Refill Price  1000/- taka in Dhaka City.
  2. Islam Oxygen Cylinder Refill Price has been fixed at 800/- taka in Dhaka City.
  3. And the refill price of China Oxygen cylinder has been fixed at Rs.600. This refuel charge is only for Dhaka city.

The benefits of purchasing refueling services from us are:

You will get a refill oxygen cylinder in 40 to 60 minutes. It comes with fast and free home delivery service. When purchasing refueling services from us. You do not have to stand in the oxygen refill center for hours. Because we have already put fuel in the oxygen cylinder. With just one call from you, the refilled oxygen cylinder will reach your home.

Call this number to know more about Oxygen Cylinder Rent and Refill Service and details about this :  +8801714558407

If someone buys or rents a medical oxygen cylinder or receives a refuel. Then comes with a complete medical oxygen cylinder set:

  1. Oxygen Cylinde.
  2. Oxygen Trolley.
  3. Oxygen Flow Meter.
  4. Musk.
  5. Nasal Cannula.

Now we, the oxygen cylinder, Oxygen trolley, Oxygen flow meter, Masks, and Learn more about nasal cannula.

What is Oxygen Cylinder ?

A medical oxygen cylinder is an aluminum or iron bottle. This bottle contains high purity medical oxygen gas and no other gas is allowed in this bottle. And since it contains medical oxygen gas, it is called oxygen cylinder.

What is Oxygen Trolley ?

The trolley of oxygen cylinder is used to solve the problem of transporting oxygen cylinder. The weight of an oxygen cylinder is 18 to 20 kg. It is very difficult to move the cylinder from one place to another. With a trolley you can move it very easily.

This will allow you to easily move the cylinder from one part of the house to another or to a hospital or clinic from one room to another.  It is very easy to use and anyone can attach it to the cylinder if they want. A trolley is very light in weight and very strong.

What is Oxygen Flow Meter ?

An oxygen flow meter is a device used to measure the exact flow of oxygen from an oxygen-supplying unit (Such as : oxygen cylinder) to an oxygen user.

what is Oxygen Mask ?

An oxygen mask transfers oxygen from the oxygen cylinder to the lungs through inhalation. An oxygen mask can cover a patient’s nose, mouth, or entire nose.  Oxygen masks are made with three types of materials, including plastic, silicone or rubber.

Oxygen masks are used in cases where it is necessary to improve blood oxygenation and to treat or prevent tissue hypoxia, especially in cases of acute or chronic respiratory failure. On the other hand, Oxygen masks are also mainly used for shortness of breath (which is manifested by shortness of breath which is sometimes associated with other symptoms such as severe fatigue, headache, bluish color of the hands).

However, in some cases you can use a nasal cannula instead of an oxygen mask.

What is Nasal Cannula ?

A nasal cannula is used to provide oxygen therapy. It is used by people who have very low oxygen levels in their body. There are two types of nasal cannula. One is for low flow oxygen and the other is for high flow oxygen.  This device has two prongs, which will be set directly in the nostrils of your nose and it provides you with oxygen.


If you have a patient with asthma in your home. In this case, you may need medical oxygen at any time. So at any time to deal with any kind of emergency and provide first aid to the patient you need to keep the medical oxygen cylinder in the collection. If you do not want to purchase oxygen cylinders. Then renting an oxygen cylinder may be the most suitable option for you.

In this article, we have presented a list of where to rent and refill oxygen cylinder from in Bangladesh. All of this services and products delivered to the patient through home delivery in a short period of time. Note: Home delivery is free in Dhaka City.

So contact us today to get oxygen cylinder refill service and rent the cylinder.  Be careful when using oxygen cylinders. Read this article to know about precautionary instructions. Alertness Regarding the Using, Conservation and Transpo of Medical Oxygen Cylinders.