Alertness Regarding the Using, Conservation and Transpo of Medical Oxygen Cylinders.

Alertness of using conservation and transpor medical oxygen cylinder , can make our lives very risk free.

Precautions regarding the use, storage and transportation of Medical Oxygen Cylinders.

Precautions regarding the use, storage and transportation of Medical Oxygen Cylinders.

Medical oxygen cylinders are considered one of the most sought after and rare items. Specifically: Asthma patients, Patients with lung cancer, COPD patients, Flu patients, and Medical oxygen cylinders have been used since Kovid-19 patients need to be given artificial oxygen for shortness of breath.

And in order to save all these patients, their relatives collect oxygen cylinders. And they take it home or to the hospital for use. As the demand for oxygen cylinders will increase with time, and will become an indispensable part of our lives.
So we will now talk about some of the dangers of using, storing, transporting these medical oxygen cylinders and some precautions to avoid them.

Just as a medical oxygen cylinder is life-giving, it can also be fatal to our carelessness. Oxygen in the air is considered to be the main component of fire. Therefore, special care needs to be taken to avoid fire accidents in places where there are oxygen cylinders and oxygen supply.

The main reason for this is that in oxygen rich environments, where there is more oxygen than usual, there is a higher chance of fire accidents And if there is a fire accident, it can take a fatal shape.

Objects that do not catch fire in the normal environment. All of these substances can help in catastrophic fires in oxygen rich environments. Again, events that are not conducive to fires in a normal environment can lead to catastrophic fires in an high level oxygen-rich environment.

In an oxygen-rich environment, the temperature of the Flames becomes much higher ‍and The rates of heat emission from fire tends to be much higher. As a result, the fire spreads around more than usual.In this case, the presence of excess oxygen can make it difficult to control the fire in a full place.

Oxygen is supplied in different parts of the world including Bangladesh, we see examples of horrific fire accidents in many such places. So wherever medical oxygen cylinders are used, such as: hospitals, clinics, ambulances and homes. So, All these places are inhabited by critically ill patients. Therefore, it is very important for all those places to have proper arrangements for firefighting and fire fighting.

The special feature of oxygen cylinder is that it stores medical oxygen at very high pressure. Which is 100-150 times higher than normal air pressure. If the body of the cylinder is damaged due to any kind of push, injury or any other cause in the oxygen cylinder, any damage to the cylinder in sunlight, if the oxygen cylinder is not installed properly and proper rules are not followed while opening, the cylinder may explode. Which can have dire consequences for that place.

Therefore, care must be taken in using, storing and transporting medical oxygen cylinders. So you can follow the following specific rules In the case regarding the use, storage and transportation of oxygen cylinders:

  1. When using, Place the cylinder firmly on the stand or cut.
  2. First and foremost, make sure that there is no heat source near the oxygen cylinder.
  3. Be careful not to make the smallest sparks of any kind in the place where the oxygen cylinder is kept.
  4. When using oxygen, refrain from spraying aerosols, paints or the like.
  5. There is a good ventilation system – place the oxygen cylinder in such a place. Because in that case the possibility of creating an oxygen rich environment will be greatly reduced without increasing the concentration of oxygen in the air of the confined space.
  6. While transporting the oxygen cylinder, we have to take care that the cylinder does not get hit or pushed or roll in any way. Also so that direct sunlight does not fall on the cylinder for a long time, etc.
  7. Learn the precise rules when using an oxygen cylinder and be trained to use the cylinder. Here are the things to know: opening / closing the valve, controlling the regulator knob, checking the position of the handle, etc.
  8. The latest is to provide medical oxygen to the patient as per the doctor’s advice.

This life-giving medical oxygen cylinder should not cause a fatal accident or death due to our negligence and ignorance.For this we all need to be careful. Therefore, alertness in using, storing and transporting medical oxygen cylinder.