Medical Oxygen Concentrator

Read this post to know more about Medical Oxygen Concentrator Guide, purchase rules and usage rules:

Medical Oxygen Concentrator

Medical Oxygen Concentrator

Do you need Medical oxygen? Maybe many of us have heard that from doctors after getting sick, This talk. And then we remember the huge oxygen cylinder. That huge device, that trouble also comes to your mind.

Today I have come up with a device that will help you to get rid of this problem due to the development of this sequence of technology. It’s small and it’s very light and within your purchasing power. And you can use it in your home.

And that is yours As needed, it will give you oxygen.

And today I have brought such a device for you. And its name is Medical Oxygen Concentrator,Which we know as oxygen generators. This means the oxygen generator. You will find out after reading this entire article,

  1. What is this oxygen concentrator?
  2. How to use it?
  3. Where to use?
  4. Where can I get oxygen concentrator?

Answer all these questions.So let’s get started:

First of all I will give you the answer to that question, What exactly is an oxygen concentrator?

Oxygen concentrator is one such care, Which produces oxygen and supplies oxygen to the patient according to the patient’s needs. Occasionally there is a lack of oxygen in our body. There is a lack of oxygen in the blood. At the same time, if you have low levels of oxygen in your blood. Then your death could happen. That’s when your blood needs to be supplied with the oxygen it needs. And this oxygen concentrator does this job.

You can keep it in a place in your home and it will provide you oxygen for 24 hours. If there is a lack of oxygen in the body of a patient then this machine can play a very important role in saving the life of the patient. Because it will provide you with oxygen without any hassle by sitting in your room for 24 hours uninterruptedly. This is the function of oxygen concentrator.

The second is, why and when to use oxygen concentrator?

Happening now, Oxygen levels in our body are declining due to various diseases. And as this oxygen level in the blood decreases, There are so many deaths happening around us, many more could die.So for patients like this at this time, It is very important to have an oxygen concentrator machine that is portable and suitable for home use.

The biggest problem now is getting Medical oxygen.If you have a respiratory illness or if your condition is serious. Then, If you are not given oxygen, Then the situation will get very bad. And some dishonest businessmen are taking advantage of this opportunity. You go to the hospital to get some oxygen, They are taking thousands of rupees from you. After that it will be seen again, will you get oxygen at the right time or not? These issues are also uncertain.

So I would say that it is very important for you to get proper treatment at this time and to get oxygen at the right time. So if you buy a medical oxygen concentrator, And put in your collection. Then you can take oxygen at home as per the doctor’s advice to ensure your proper treatment and timely delivery of oxygen. And by doing so, your risk of death will be greatly reduced. And at the same time a lot of trouble will be reduced.

Only use it if you are infected with Covid-19 or Coronavirus. But that is not the case at all. In patients with many diseases, oxygen may be needed. The names of some of the diseases are:

  1. Pulmonary Fibrosis.
  2. Cystic Fibrosis.
  3. Pneumonia.
  4. Severe Asthma.
  5. Sleep Apnea.

There are many other diseases that may cause you to need oxygen on an emergency basis. And because of the lack of oxygen around us now, Or as a result of lack of oxygen, Lack of oxygen in the blood increases the risk of death. So we will tell you to keep this Medical Oxygen Concentrator in your storage at this time. As if you can use it in times of danger and any time of emergency. And you can heal yourself from your illness.

What are the benefits of using oxygen concentrator?

There is no problem of maintenance. It will provide you oxygen 24 hours a day. As a result of using eight, You will need to refill oxygen completely. There is no such problem. Due to its low weight, you can easily carry portable oxygen concentrators anywhere. There is no fear of running out of oxygen. Just need to ensure power supply. In the long run it will provide you with oxygen and it will not be easily wasted. And the price is within the reach of the customer. Which you can buy at affordable prices.

Is it safe to use oxygen concentrator?

According to the World Health Organization, So far no such news has been found. Where this oxygen concentrator has exploded or caused any kind of damage, any person has been killed or any such news has been found. So it is completely safe to use.

If I were to compare an oxygen concentrator with an oxygen cylinder.Then I would say,Suppose you purchased an oxygen cylinder.If there is a leak somewhere in the cylinder, And if there is a fire around it, it could explode and cause a lot of damage to you. And people at the site of the explosion could be killed.So I will tell you that the oxygen concentrator machine is much safer than that oxygen cylinder Because So far no casualties have been reported as a result of the accident caused by the oxygen concentrator. So this machine is very safe for patients with respiratory problems.

How does an oxygen concentrator work?

When we breathe, through the air. That air contains 21% oxygen and the remaining 78% nitrogen and The remaining 1% is other gases. So this machine compresses the air through compression and brings it inside. After that there is a chamber upstairs, Which is called Seoulbet.And this Seoulbed contains zeolite molecules.

When air is introduced through it. Then this zeolite molecular, Absorbs nitrogen and other gases. As a result, only purified oxygen is produced in it. When a patient receives oxygen through it, Then he will be able to receive 95% pure oxygen. Taking 95% pure oxygen is the biggest achievement for the patient.

In a new concentrator you will find, Medical Oxygen Concentrator, Nozzle Canola, Nebulizer, John of the Connection Tube Humodify Bottle. Hugh modified bottle, air filter, hepa filter.

Now I will tell you how to set up an oxygen concentrator, Or how to connect each thing.

First open the mouth of the humidify bottle, After opening the mouth, Fill it with water up to the middle of the maximum and minimum space shown there. This time stick the mouth of the bottle very well. Now connect the Oxygen Connection Tube to the Oxygen Output well. And check if connected properly.

Now connect the Humodify Bottle to the Humodify folder of your machine. Now connect the Oxygen Connection Tube with Hugh Modify’s Intel. This time open the back Intel cover, first the HEPA filter and then the air filter should be installed properly. Once installed, close the Intel cover. Now connect the nozzle canola to the humidifier output.

If you need a nebulizer system, Then connects the nebulizer to the output of this humidifier,Can attach nebulizer.

I will tell now , what is the function of any system of oxygen concentrator?

With the rear power switch, the machine has to be turned on. You can turn your machine on and off by first pressing this switch on and off.Then, The flow-adjustment system can control how many liters of oxygen flow through the oximeter per minute.

Timer, This will allow you to determine exactly how long your machine will be running. This means that if your machine arrives on time, your machine will shut down automatically. Notice that the time increases by 10 minutes as you click on the timer plus button, And with the click of the timer minus button, the time is reduced by 10 minutes.
In this case you can set the time up to a maximum of 480 minute. Then there’s the voice system button: this option will tell you what the machine is doing now.

This is followed by the Automate button: This is the nebulizer function. If you need a nebulizer, You can then receive this nebulization therapy by pressing this button.

How do you use an oxygen concentrator machine?

Connect your machine’s power plug to the multiplug. Connect the nozzle cannula properly to the nose. Then turn on the machine by turning on the power button of the machine. As soon as the machine is turned on it will start giving you oxygen. Determine how many liters of oxygen you need in the flow meter according to the prescription given by the doctor and according to the rules.

Now let’s talk about the nebulizer function. First connect the nebulizer cap. Then connect the KIP to the humidifier output. Now you have to rotate the automating and open it. And according to your doctor’s rules, pour the medicine in 2 to 8 ml. Then attach the cup. Now by pressing the automate button, You can use the nebulizer Thera.

Now, there are some usage rules for using oxygen concentrator.There are some rules you must keep in mind before using it.

  1. First of all, always keep your machine in an open place.Where it can ventilate properly, It cannot be kept in a closed place.
  2. Second: At least once a week, clean the filters with normal water and air dry them. Let me tell you a special warning,Do not use this oxygen concentrator machine without doctor’s advice. Then the opposite can happen. When you seek refuge in a doctor. When you need extra oxygen, he will tell you.

He will then write you a prescription or tell you, That yes you need so many liters of oxygen concentrator to use in so many minutes and so many days.Everything will be written on the prescription.

Now the question may arise in your mind, which is actually better? Oxygen cylinder or oxygen concentrator? Now I will tell you that oxygen concentrator is good. And here are some of the specific reasons why it’s good:

Security first: If there is a leak in your oxygen cylinder, Then the fire will explode as soon as it is around. This can create a risk of death. And because of the protective shield in this oxygen concentrator, the chances of an accident are very low. And so far no such accident has been reported.

Size of: Where the oxygen cylinder is a huge device, our Oxygen Concentrator is a very small machine and you can easily pick it up and carry it anywhere. And since this oxygen concentrator machine has wheels, you can easily move it anywhere.

Cost: By comparison, the amount of money spent on 24 hours of uninterrupted oxygen in an oxygen cylinder, Compared to this cost, the cost of purchasing an oxygen concentrator machine is much lower. Only electricity is consumed while using the concentrator, no other cost.

Refill: As a result of taking gas from the oxygen cylinder, the oxygen gas runs out after a certain period of time And that has to be refilled.But in the case of this Oxygen Concentrator, there is no problem of refuel.

As in the case of oxygen cylinders, If you run out of gas within 24 hours. Then you need to refuel the cylinder. In this case you will have to deal with various transportation problems. But there is no problem with this concentrator machine. That means you will be completely safe from outside trouble.

And the amount of traffic jams, and the heat outside, when you go to refuel, you will have a lot of stress. So I’ll tell you, you don’t have to take that much risk, This concentration machine will completely free you from all those risks.

Now, above all, if I were to brief you today on this subject, it would stand:

There is no substitute for an oxygen concentrator to meet that extra medical oxygen requirement. It is safe to use and low cost, This will provide uninterrupted oxygen.

Remember that even 1 second is very valuable for a sick person. Suppose your loved one is in such a state, In this condition he has to be given oxygen for 24 hours. But then if you run out of gas in that oxygen cylinder. But then you will be at a much greater risk.

So I’ll tell you, without taking that risk, Use this oxygen concentration machine.

Now one more question may come to your mind, Where can I get this machine? In case of solving this problem, We will help you deliver the product, provide you with detailed information on how to use it and set it up. With just one call from you, our product will be delivered to your home at the fastest possible time with complete free home delivery.

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