Why is Sleep Apnea?

Why is sleep apnea?

Obstructive sleep apnea occurs when the soft tissues of our throat, such as the tongue and soft palate, become temporarily relaxed. When our tongue and soft palate become loose, your airways become narrow. And the breathing stops for a moment. It happens then, When the muscles in the back of your neck relax.

Sleep apnea is a disorder of sleep, Which disturbs sleep.There is no substitute for adequate sleep for a healthy human life. But for those who have sleep apnea disease, Their night sleep is severely disturbed, And after waking up in the morning there is a headache, feeling tired or depressed.

Also, every task can usually seem boring. Another symptom of this disease is “snoring” while sleeping. And the infected patient wakes up repeatedly at night, and feels sleepy in the eyes throughout the day.When a sleep apnea patient does any work during the day he cannot concentrate properly on his work.In this case, it is seen that he fell asleep while working or doing something.

But if we think that sleep apnea is just a problem of sleep, the issue is not at all. The disease results in severe respiratory and respiratory disturbances and increases the risk of heart disease as well as many other diseases.
In fact, the disease Negatively affects every part of the human body.

Sleep Apnea

Sleep Apnea

Why is sleep apnea Disease?

The cause of this disease, We may have a lot of time unknown. However, in most cases, it is seen in 90% of the cases, this is due to the obstruction of breathing during sleep.

When we sleep, our airways relax,However, those who experience this relaxation more than usual, may have  difficulty breathing during sleep. Also, excess body weight is considered to be one of the causes of this disease. Sleep apnea can be caused by some structural defects in our nose, ears and throat. Otherwise, if there is a problem in the part of the brain that controls sleep, then we can have sleep apnea.

Symptoms of sleep apnea :

First of all, the doctor needs to know the detailed history of the problems of sleep apnea. Usually the patient is not able to understand his own problems in many cases.

However, the person who sleeps next to the patient, most of the time he notices the symptoms or after catching them in his eyes. If the symptoms are suspicious, the doctor will ask you to do some tests. You will need to have a polysomnography or sleep test to properly diagnose your sleep apnea. Now there is an opportunity to test it in Bangladesh. Even if the patient wishes, the patient can have this test done at home through polysomnography.

Is sleep apnea a lifelong disease ?

The treatment of sleep apnea depends on the cause of the disease. If the patient has this disease due to nose, ear throat and any other physical problems. Then, if he undergoes reconstructive surgery, sleep apnea will be cured. If you are overweight, you may have sleep apnea. Then it is possible to control it by controlling the body weight.

If someone has sleep apnea for any reason other than the above, the disease cannot be completely eradicated. However, with the unimaginable advances in medical science, it is possible to control sleep apnea.

There is a machine called CPAP Machine. Which can be used to control this disease. This device has to be worn at certain times of the day. Especially at night when sleeping or during the day. The function of this machine is to keep the patient’s breathing normal. This reduces the symptoms of the disease and the patient can live a normal life.

But if you think you have to use this CPAP Machine for the rest of your life, and you are frustrated for it right now. There is nothing to be frustrated about. This is just a treatment. Which helps patients with sleep ammonia to maintain a comfortable life.

Living with sleep apnea.

Sleep apnea is considered a disease just like any other disease. There is nothing to break emotionally for this. And if you have this disease, never think that you are disabled or weak. Patients with this disease can live a normal life as a result of proper treatment.However, in the absence of proper treatment, the patient may experience various complications.

If one keeps this disease alive without proper treatment. Hypertension in a patient with sleep apnea, There is a risk of developing serious diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and even bleeding in the brain.

So we have to take all these issues seriously at all times. Also, all those sleep ammonia patients who already have high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease and long-term lung problems. Without proper treatment of their sleep apnea it will be very difficult to control these diseases.

Sleep apnea is to be avoided :

  1. Keep body weight under control. We all have the right weight range according to height. Maintain this BMI of weight.
  2. We need to develop a balanced diet. And you need to develop the habit of exercising regularly.
  3. Consult a doctor if you notice problems like “snoring”, “frequent shortness of breath in sleep”, “difficulty in breathing” etc. And receive treatment according to his advice.
More talk about sleep apnea :
  1. Sleep apnea does not mean snoring in sleep. However, if someone snores excessively during sleep. And if you have problems with sleep disturbances or frequent sleep disturbances, you must check for sleep apnea.
  2. If someone is lying down in a certain posture and if there is a problem of snoring at that time. Then it is better not to sleep in that posture.
  3. Those who snore in their sleep. To wake them up by shouting or Waking them up is not the right answer.

The right steps and the right treatment for all of us, It can protect us from sleep apnea and help us lead a normal life.