What is Suction Machine?

What is Suction Machine?

What is Suction Machine?

What is Suction Machine?

A suction machine is also called an aspirator machine. This machine is used to remove various types of obstructions like mucus, saliva, blood, or secretions from the trachea. It is a type of medical device. When a person is unable to clear his airways. Then this machine helps to clean his airways. This clears his airways, and he can breathe like a normal human.

When a patient’s airways become obstructed with mucus, saliva, blood, or secretions. Then use this suction machine with the advice of a professional doctor. There are some instructions for using this machine. Which are mentioned below:

  1. When the patient is incapacitated, the respiratory secretions must be removed.
  2. If the patient vomits or becomes unconscious. Then the patient needs help. Help him in this case.
  3. The third thing to do is to clear the blood from the trachea.
  4. The most important thing to do after this is to remove a foreign substances from the patient’s windpipe or lungs.

Since these devices can be used in different life-threatening situations with different medical equipment.So these cares have been able to create huge demand in hospitals, clinics and various places. In this case, the general public may question the function of this care and its ubiquity and use. Below, we will discuss the details of this instrument.

Below are some common uses of suction machine functions.

It is used when a patient feels that his airways are blocked by mucus, saliva, blood, secretions, or anything else. However, we need to keep in mind that the use of this machine may vary depending on the needs of the patient.

However, in order to do these things, the machine needs the help of various functions. The following is a list of important functions of the machine:

  1. The suction machine is fitted with a powerful disposable or rechargeable battery. When Electricity is not available from reliable energy sources. Then this battery helps to keep the machine running.
  2. The machine has a vacuum pump. Which resides inside the aspirator. This device creates negative pressure and it is considered very useful for a functional Suction machine.
  3. There is a connection tubing with the machine. Which connects the vacuum pump to the collection canister. However, we should never touch the contents of the canister in the collection.
  4. The patient’s tubing is attached to the nipple tip. Which carries the patient’s discharge into the collection canister.So after each lactation session, we should dispose of the sterilized patient’s tubing properly.
  5. It has disposable canisters. Which retains the patient’s discharge. It also often provides overflow protection when sucking too much fluid from the patient. Another thing to keep in mind is that the canister must be disposable so that all parts of the suction machine remain sterile.
  6. It comes with a power card. Which allows you to charge it from anywhere.
  7. The machine has a filter. Which protects the machine from toxic gases and dust.

If all components of the machine are applied, activate the machine. Those who use it will be able to choose its continuous or pause mode. And you can adjust the level of breastfeeding to make sure all the discharge is being cleared.

How do you set up a suction machine?

Before using this suction machine we must know how to use this machine.We need several things before using this machine. Without which, we cannot use this machine.

  1. First you need a power supplier.
  2. Then you need a canister. Which is known as the canister of disposable collection.
  3. This requires a connecting tubing. Which will connect the canister to the aspirator.
  4. After that, a patient’s tubing is needed.
  5. A suction catheter or surgical suction accessory is required. What will be needed depends on the accessory method.
  6. Spill control solidifier needed. Through which liquid biological risks can be safely disposed of.

If you have the above items to use the machine then it is ready to use.

We will now talk, how to clean a suction machine?

This suction machine is usually used to remove a variety of substances from a person’s mouth, throat, and sometimes from the upper airways. And a trained caretaker helps to use this machine.

The machine uses a vacuum, and the discharge is collected through a tubing attached to the collection canister. Bacteria and viral germs stay with this collected secretion. It is very important to clean the suction machine frequently to prevent the spread of these germs and to stop the growth.

  1. After using this machine, wash your hands and collect dry and clean towels.
  2. Read personal safety equipment in the right way when using the machine.
  3. Then remove the suction catheter and tubing from the collection canister. And disconnect the canister from the machine, and move the canister to the bathroom.
  4. Remove the lid from the top of the suction machine. And throw the dirt in the toilet. Then flush the toilet. Then rinse the collection canister and suction machine lid with hot water.
  5. Add soap then rub the canister with hot water and a bottle cleaning brush. Wash the outside of the canister and the lid with disinfectant soap. Then wipe with a dry towel.
  6. Then, wash the brush used to rub the reusable bottle. Wipe the sync well. Then discard used items in the trash bag. Clean hand gloves with disinfectant and also clean PPI with disinfectant.
  7. Wash and dry your hands.
  8. Replace the lid on the canister back in the room then replace the machine again. And fully attach the tubing to the machine. Then wipe the machine well with an antibacterial cloth.

Always remember, do not place the collected canister next to the bed. If it contains substances and alkalis. So always remove, empty and clean these before leaving the patient’s room.

Be careful to save the device after use. So that the machine can be used quickly later in any emergency.

By reading this article you have come to know what is a suction machine? How is it used? And how is it cleaned? If you think you need a suction machine, you can buy this Suction Machine 7A-23D.