Suction Machine 7A-23D


Price of Suction Machine in Bangladesh

The Bangladeshi aspirator, also known as the aspirator, is a medical device, widely used to remove mucus, saliva, blood, or clogs similar to the Bangladeshi aspirator in the human respiratory tract. Due to lack of attention or ongoing medical procedures, they are unable to remove fluids, so the suction machine can help them breathe and keep their respiratory tract open. In fact, when a patient’s airway is exposed, healthcare providers in Bangladesh use the cost of a suction machine as an integral part of the treatment plan.

Prices of Bangladesh Absorption Devices. His aspirator is a hand-held device that uses a pump to drain the abscess and collect fluid in the chest cavity. For this reason, when electricity was common and reliable, the suction machine was changed from hand-held to electric. The price of vacuum cleaners in Bangladesh By the late 1970’s, however, vacuum cleaners had become quite large and were often permanently suspended from a wall.

Many Other Types of

getters were established. There are many types of suction machines available in hospitals and for patients to use or be monitored. Prices of Bangladesh Absorption Devices. Hand-held suction machine: The hand-operated machine does not use electricity and can be as simple as a portable lamp used to remove mucus from a baby’s nasal cavity.

They are often used in emergencies because they do not require electricity to operate and are usually small and portable. Prices for Bangladesh suction machines However, hand-held suction machines are difficult to use continuously and effectively for a long time.Dry suction machine. For decades, sterling machines have become commonplace because of their reliability, efficiency, and durability.

However, his intolerance has many flaws. During transport, a fixed suction device can only provide emergency care on the four walls of the hospital. Portable vacuum cleaner-Due to advances in the washing machine and battery technology, portable vacuum cleaners are becoming increasingly popular. A portable vacuum cleaner is designed to be simple and easy to use.

The price of Bangladesh that attracts equipment makes it a good choice for patients and health workers. Hand-held, flexible and portable suction machines have a place in modern care. Everyone has different strengths and desires. These devices can be used by health professionals to obtain medical ingestion in Bangladesh at various price levels.

Product Specification

Type                                                      Suction Machine

Operation Mode                                 Semi-Automatic

Usage/Application                             Medical

Brand                                                    Meet’s Pro Material Plastic

Pump Type                                           Piston Pump Noise 60 dB

Power Consumption                          90 Watt

Maximum Negative Pressure          0.075 MPa

Continuous Working Time               0-30 Min