What is Oxygen Concentrator and how to use it?

What is Medical Oxygen Concentrator?

What is oxygen concentrator

What is oxygen concentrator

Medical Oxygen Concentrator is known to everyone as a medical device. If the level of oxygen in your body is very low, a doctor may prescribe you an oxygen concentrator. It is used for such people. Those who have a lot of trouble breathing And those who have very low levels of oxygen in their body.

Infected with these problems, The patients are:


  1. Asthma patient.
  2. Lung cancer patient.
  3. COPD patient.
  4. The flu patient.
  5. COVID-19 patient.


One thing we should always keep in mind before purchasing and using Oxygen Concentrator. Using it without a doctor’s advice, instructions and prescription can be dangerous for the patient.

When a doctor thinks that it may be okay to use his patient’s concentrator. A doctor will then tell his patient how much oxygen he needs to take and how long he needs to use the device.

How does an oxygen concentrators work?

The concentrator is not like an oxygen cylinder, Which provides refill of liquid medical oxygen. Instead, a concentrator draws air from its surroundings and filters nitrogen.

And provides pure oxygen to the user. Masks or nasal kanul are used to deliver oxygen to the patient from the concentrator.

However, patients who need a flow of oxygen at the rate of 1 to 5 liters per minute, They use nasal kanul. And for those who need oxygen at high flow, an oxygen mask is more suitable. There are two models of Oxygen Concentrator. One of the larger models is another smaller model.

The larger model is used for home use. And smaller models are considered portable models. The user can take this model anywhere and use it while traveling.

It is very light in weight. It can be used even if there is no electricity supply. Because this model has its own electricity system.

How do I use an oxygen concentrator for home?

If you need endless oxygen during your stay at home and during your sleep. Then your doctor will tell you to use a concentrator. Since it is powered by electricity, you need to keep it plugged in to keep it connected to electricity at all times. How to use this device, In that case, follow the instructions with the device.

The following tips will help you to use Oxygen Concentrator at home.

  1. Use a humidifier in your used concentrator. At one stage of oxygen intake, the user’s nose may become dry. A humidifier bottle will solve this problem and allow you to take in oxygen in comfort. Humidifiers supply dry gases to the patient by adding moisture. This allows the patient to receive oxygen with moisture.
  1. Make the used tube of oxygen concentrator much larger. This allows you to walk home and receive oxygen from the concentrator.

In this case, the oxygen concentrator will be in one place and you will be able to walk around your home and do other things. There will be no problem in taking your oxygen. However, you need to be careful that the tube does not fall under your feet.

How to Clean  Oxygen Concentrator?

  1. First of all you need to clean the gear of your oxygen concentrator regularly first.
  1. Wash the tube and face mask used for taking oxygen with warm water and mild soap. You need to do this at least once a week. You need to clean these 2 things daily while using in case of illness. Let it dry in the air and take care not to get water in the tube. If you think your tubing is damaged, fix your problem by contacting an oxygen concentrator supplier.
  1. Those who use uninterrupted oxygen at home. All of them use humidifier bottles. In this case if you really use a humidifier bottle. Then you need to clean it after every three days. You will use mild hot water and soap to clean the humidifier bottle. The bottle needs to be soaked in vinegar mixed water for a few minutes to clean the germs inside the humidifier bottle. After that this should be dried.
  1. The concentrate’s filter needs to be cleaned at least once a month. Remove the filter from the concentrate and soak it in mild soapy water for some time. If you find dirt and dust stuck in it, be sure to rub it with a washcloth.

Finally, to clean it, rinse with clean water. It must be completely dry before attaching to the concentrate.

How do I use a portable oxygen concentrator?

This portable oxygen concentrator works just like the oxygen concentrator used at home. The difference is, you can use it when transporting anywhere. It has its own battery, it runs using this battery.

The device is designed that way, That you can use it with a handle. You can also carry it on your shoulder in a bag.

Portable oxygen concentrators deliver oxygen to the patient by pulse dose. Which means that every time you take in oxygen, an explosion of oxygen will come out.

Some of these models can provide you with oxygen at a steady flow rate. You must talk to your doctor to make sure you are getting the right amount of oxygen from any one setting. In this case you should follow the instructions given by your doctor and the instructions attached to the device. Below are two guidelines that will help you with the use of portable oxygen concentrator.

  1. Always carry extra batteries with you when using a portable oxygen concentrator. If your machine runs out of battery. Then you can ensure the supply of oxygen by attaching the extra battery you have to the device.
  2. Regularly clean the gear of this portable oxygen concentrator, just as the gear of home use oxygen concentrator is cleaned. Clean the accompanying tubing and mask once a week with warm water and mild soap. At the time of illness, all these tools need to be cleaned regularly. After washing, air dry them. And don’t let water get into the tube. And follow the instructions above to clean the filter.

What kind of security measures should I take while using this oxygen concentrator?

Follow the instructions below to keep the user safe while using this medical device :

  1. Keep this device away from fire. Do not smoke while sitting around it while using.
  2. When using, keep the device in an open place. This will prevent it from overheating. And will reduce any accidents.
  3. Do not block any vents on the device. This makes it difficult for the device to work.
  4. If the machine gives any kind of alarm then check everything. This type of alarm indicates that something is wrong somewhere. So make sure you get everything from the oxygen supply.

Also, never buy such concentrators from companies that sell oxygen concentrators without a prescription. And refrain from using any type of oxygen concentrators without a prescription and doctor’s advice. If all these devices are used without the advice of a doctor. You may have health problems.

Such as getting too little oxygen – or getting too much oxygen. Both of these can damage the lungs.

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