5 Liter Olive Oxygen Concentrator

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5 Liter Olive Oxygen Concentrator price in Bangladesh.

5 liters of olive oxygen concentrator is used to refresh and activate the human body and to improve the quality of life and relieve shortness of breath. This device plays an important role in long-term oxygen therapy and disease recovery.

5 Liter Olive Oxygen Concentrator Description :

  1. Continuous Supply of Fresh Air : You can use this concentrator when someone needs pure oxygen due to breathing problems. This is a great medical device for people who have trouble breathing.

  2. Dual Flow Meter : The Olive Oxygen Concentrator has 2 flow meters. Through which oxygen can be supplied to 2 person simultaneously.
  3. Compact Ultra-light Design : It has a handle and is at least easy to use. It weighs only 18 kg and takes up very little space.

  4. Highly Efficient : It provides high quality reliable oxygen depending on the needs of the patient. Up to 93% pure oxygen at 0.5-5 LMP.

  5. High Quality & Easy to Maintain : It is made with high quality plastic. Due to which it provides long life guarantee in terms of durability. Otherwise, You can also do humidifier cleaning every week, And be able to do filter cleaning every month. As a result, it is very easy to use.

  6. 360 Degree Wheel Design : It is suitable for 360 degree rotation. This makes it easier to move the concentrator from one place to another.

Some of the benefits of this 5 Liter Olive Concentrator are:

  • PSA technology has been used in this concentrate. This technology is pressure swing adaptation. This technology separates oxygen from nitrogen and other gases. As a result we get high pure oxygen.
  • It has an LED display to show the total working time of this oxygen concentrator. Also the current working time timing function for time control.
  • It has a resettable circuit breaker five-stage filter to kill bacteria from oxygen. This in most cases keeps impurities, bacteria and PM2.5 away from oxygen.
  • LCD intelligent cooling control system helps you to use oxygen concentrator for a long time. This allows you to use the concentrator for 8000 hours continuously. And the purity of oxygen during oxygen flow is at least 93%.
  • It has super cute oil-free compressors. Which provides additional 30% longer life span.
  • It can run non-stop 24 hours a day.
  • It is a machine of extra quiet nature. The level of noise during use is very low. Only ≤50 DB (A).

Able to meet the needs of patients with oxygen therapy with all the necessary facilities, This 5 Liter Olive Oxygen Concentrator price is only 50,000/- taka in Bangladesh.

Note : We have oxygen concentrators from three more companies besides Olive Oxygen Concentrator. You can see those if you want. And Read these instructions for safety and safe use of Oxygen Concentrator : 7 Guidelines for Safety of Oxygen Concentrator.

Additional information

Product Dimensions ‏

34.4 x 30.6 x 56.5 cm; 15 Kilograms

Item model number ‏

‎ OLV 5A

Purity of Oxygen

>90% + 3% (1LPM)

Power Consumption

450 Word.

Item Weight ‏

‎ 15 kg

Item Dimensions LxWxH ‏

‎ 34.4 x 30.6 x 56.5 Centimeters

Generic Name ‏

‎ Oxygen Concentrator

Products Application

Medical Care

Sound Level

Less than 40 db.