China Oxygen Cylinder

Price:৳ 12,000 ৳ 10,000

The oxygen cylinders of the Chinese company supply 85 percent to 98 percent pure...


At present in Bangladesh, the price of Complete China Oxygen Cylinder has started from 10200 taka. You can contact us 24/7 to purchase China Oxygen Cylinder.

Customer with complete set of China Oxygen Cylinder will get:

  1. Nasal Canela.
  2. Flow Meter.
  3. Medical Oxygen Mask.
  4. Trolley.
  5. Oxygen Cylinder.

 China Oxygen Cylinder Specification:

  1. Price : 10200/- taka.
  2. Height : 36 inches.
  3. Weight : 16 kg.
  4. Color : black and white.
  5. Size :Medium and standard.
  6. Presser : 2000+ liter.
  7. Up to : 15 liter min.
  8. Cylinder Capacity : 1.4 Cubic Meter.
  9. One cylinder can be used for 10 to 11 hours in a row.2 liters per minute.

Introduction to China Oxygen Cylinder :

China Oxygen Cylinder means high-quality cylinder at a low price. China Cylinder offers portable oxygen cylinders made of aluminum material with trolleys as a package. Which will bring great benefits to the user. Also considered suitable for medical, healthcare, and family use.

All China Oxygen Cylinders pass ISO 13485 system. These oxygen cylinders are small and portable. Which can be used for patients with coronavirus, is also used as first aid and healthcare for patients with high blood pressure and heart disease.

China Oxygen Cylinder A Smart Means Oxygen Cylinder. Which is a new choice for the people of the present age. The operating system of China Cylinder is very simple. Which is amazing to people because it is easy and very common to use.

Explanation of the production process of China Oxygen Cylinder :

The main raw materials for making China oxygen cylinders are liquid air and aluminum. Liquid gases are heated and condensed. As long as there is pure oxygen. It is then converted into aluminum tanks. It is then used to make compressible rings. Which is placed later in the gland. And then it is converted into a cylinder.

Customer’s question :

  1. What is the current price of China Oxygen Cylinder in Bangladesh? Reduces the risk of death from oxygen levels. The current price of a carefully designed China Oxygen Cylinder is 10,200/- taka in Bangladesh .It can be used safely. No spanners or tools are required.
  2. How long does it take for your home delivery team to deliver the product to the customer? Our Home Delivery Team provides 24/7 Medical Oxygen Cylinder Home Delivery Services. They will deliver the oxygen cylinder to the customer’s home in 40 to 60 minutes in Dhaka. And we deliver oxygen cylinders to customers’ homes through two reputed courier companies (Sundarban Courier and SA Paribahan) in Bangladesh outside Dhaka. It will take 12 to 24 hours to deliver oxygen cylinders to customers’ homes through these courier companies.

Additional information


10200/- taka.


36 inches.


16 kg.


black and white.


Medium and standard.


2000+ liter.

Up to

15 liter min.

Cylinder Capacity

1.4 Cubic Meter.

Used Time

One cylinder can be used for 10 to 11 hours in a row.2 liters per minute.