China Oxygen Cylinder Price in Bangladesh

Price:৳ 12,000 ৳ 8,500

The oxygen cylinders of the Chinese company supply 85 percent to 98 percent pure...


The price of China Oxygen Cylinder is in Bangladesh.

China Oxygen Cylinder Price 10,000/- taka in Bangladesh. Assalamu Alaikum, we welcome you. We are constantly getting physically ill, this illness often requires us to take in extra oxygen.

China Medical Oxygen Cylinder, commonly known as the China Oxygen Cylinder, is imported from China and widely utilized in Bangladesh. As there is no specific management owner of this cylinder in Bangladesh, various oxygen traders in the country import them from China. These traders procure the cylinders in bulk and supply them to other oxygen dealers in Bangladesh. The retailers offer both complete setups and standalone cylinders to cater to diverse customer requirements.

While it may not be a branded product, Bangladesh boasts reputable oxygen companies like Linde Bangladesh and BOC, with Linde Bangladesh being the preferred choice for its exceptional quality. Islam Oxygen, positioned second after Linde Oxygen, is another noteworthy Bangladeshi oxygen company.

The primary distinction between China oxygen cylinders and Islam oxygen cylinders lies in the management aspect. Islam Oxygen cylinders have a dedicated management system, whereas China oxygen cylinders are owned by the merchants from whom they are purchased. The China oxygen cylinders are particularly suitable for home oxygen use, given their affordability and reliability. Customers can conveniently purchase them online and enjoy free home delivery within 50 minutes in Dhaka city.

At the same time, a variety of questions and concerns come to your mind, such as:

  1. What is oxygen cylinder?
  2. How to use Oxygen Cylinder?
  3. Who needs oxygen cylinder?
  4. Where do you get the original oxygen cylinder from?
  5. How do you recognize the original product? And that oxygen
  6. Is there the right amount of oxygen in the cylinder?

After reading this article, you will get answers to all your questions and worries.

The first thing we need to know is what exactly is an oxygen cylinder?

An oxygen cylinder is a special container made of iron to hold oxygen.Inside which oxygen is kept under high pressure.Cylinders contain a large amount of oxygen as a result of high pressure. Given 1 liter of oxygen per minute, a medium type of cylinder can provide oxygen to the patient for approximately 20 to 22 hours.

Now the question is why use oxygen cylinder? Many a times due to various physical ailments our body is deprived of the normal level of oxygen. And that’s when your doctor recommends you to take in extra oxygen. And our China Oxygen Cylinder delivers uninterrupted oxygen for a specified period of time.This will make up for your lack of oxygen. So now the kind of patient and illness you will need this oxygen cylinder:

For example:

  1. Those who are suffering from shortness of breath.
  2. Those who have asthma problems.
  3. Those who are suffering from heart problems.
  4. Those who are suffering from lung problems.
  5. Those who are suffering from fat problems.6, to relieve fatigue.
  6. For pregnant mothers.
  7. For daily work, which puts extra stress on them. And
  8. At least for children and people over 60 years of age.

In addition to coronavirus patients, but also asthma, COPD, heart disease, but the doctor gives you oxygen therapy at home. That means you have to take oxygen at home. Just then you will need uninterrupted oxygen.And then our China Oxygen Cylinder can play a very useful role for you.

So now you have to keep one more thing in mind, that is oxygen but actually a kind of medicine. I mean, in fact, It is a kind of medicine for those who are sick. So it should never be used without the advice of a doctor. So the way your doctor tells you, This is exactly how you determine your oxygen cylinder and the amount of oxygen you need.

All right, you need to take some precautions when using oxygen cylinders. And that is to keep the cylinder away from flammable substances at all times. The cylinder should be kept away from direct sunlight. Do not use oxygen near the stove when cooking on a gas stove.

The room that has the oxygen cylinder,In that room, don’t smoke and don’t tell anyone else to smoke. Do not add any oil to the oxygen unit. Do not hold with oily or greasy hands. When not using oxygen, turn it off completely.

Alertness Regarding the Using, Conservation and Transpo of Medical Oxygen Cylinders.

So now we are talking about, there are different types of oxygen cylinders available in Bangladesh, Different types of different bands. Some of them are original and some are fake. The combination of fake and original can be called a hajbaral condition.

But the question is, why would you buy a China Oxygen Cylinder from Marium Oxygen? We will provide you manufactured according to the guidelines of the World Health Organization, And ISO Certified, And there are genuine China Oxygen Cylinders approved by the Government of Bangladesh and we will supply them to you.

We will give you:

  1. Original China Oxygen Cylinder at Fair Price.
  2.  Official Guarantee and Warranty.
  3. Assurance of home delivery in 40 minutes to 1 hour throughout Dhaka city. And home delivery within 24 hours throughout Bangladesh.
  4. With delivery the specialist will go to your home and efficiently set up your cylinder And will teach you how to use this cylinder properly.

In the case of China Oxygen Cylinder, After a certain time the oxygen gas runs out.That’s when you need a quick oxygen refill. And you can call our helpline number +8801714558407 and our delivery man will reach your home very quickly with Oxygen Cylinder Refuel.

And this will ensure your uninterrupted supply of oxygen. Now I will tell you, how do you identify an original China Oxygen Cylinder? Yes, this is the original China Oxygen Cylinder.

At first you will notice, Do you have O2 or any other oxygen seal on this oxygen cylinder? If these are given, then you will understand that it is the original oxygen cylinder. The second thing you will notice is, On the surface of this oxygen cylinder An ISO Standard Number will be provided. And one more thing you’ll notice, That is, most oxygen cylinders will have a refill date and an expiration date.

Now I tell you, How to use a china oxygen cylinder? First we will open the box of oxygen flow meter. Where you will find a nozzle canola, A Hugh Modify Bottle, An oxygen mask and an oxygen flowmeter.

This time we will open the cover of the mouth of the oxygen cylinder. This time we will attach this oxygen flow meter to the head of the oxygen cylinder. When adding, the flow meter nut should be turned to the right.

This oxygen flowmeter must be attached very tightly to the oxygen cylinder. This time the humidifier bottle should be filled with pure water up to the water level. Now stick the mouth of the humidifier bottle firmly to the bottle. Now attach the humidify bottle to the oxygen flowmeter. Oxygen Max or Nazal Canola with Oxygen Flow Meter, Attach whatever you need.

After applying an oxygen mask or nasal canola,We will see that the oxygen cylinder has 2 keys.One is the first key and the other is the second key.The first key is attached to the cylinder. The second key accompanies the flowmeter.
Before opening the first key, you must insure that your second key is properly locked. This time, as soon as we open the first key, we see that the cut of the flowmeter will determine the amount of oxygen.

This time we will wear oxygen mask.Now with the second key we will determine the oxygen flow according to the doctor’s instructions.Here 1 to 15 liters of oxygen flow can be given.

So far we have read how to use a china oxygen cylinder and what is the price of a china oxygen cylinder in Bangladesh? So now if I say the whole thing in a nutshell, The price of Bangladesh China Original Oxygen Cylinder is 10000 Taka. To use it,You must first add a flowmeter to the cylinder.

Second we will attach the humidifier bottle to the flowmeter. Thirdly, we put on the mask. After that we opened the first key and confirmed the flow of oxygen. After opening the second key, we will determine how much oxygen will flow in the flow meter. And lastly, an oxygen mask must be put on the face to receive oxygen.

To open the oxygen flowmeter from the China Oxygen Cylinder you need to keep some rules in mind. First, all the flow of oxygen must be stopped by turning the first key to the right.Second, The second is to turn the key around to get as much oxygen out of the flowmeter as possible.This time the oxygen flow meter must be removed from the oxygen cylinder. We need to be a little more careful when opening.

I hope you now know the price of a China Oxygen Cylinder in Bangladesh? And how to use a china oxygen cylinder, You understand that too now.

Additional information


10200/- taka.


36 inches.


16 kg.


black and white.


Medium and standard.


2000+ liter.

Up to

15 liter min.

Cylinder Capacity

1.4 Cubic Meter.

Used Time

One cylinder can be used for 10 to 11 hours in a row.2 liters per minute.