5 Liter Folee Oxygen Concentrator Price in Bangladesh

Price:৳ 50,000 ৳ 45,000

5 Liter Folee Oxygen Concentrator Price 45000/- taka in Bangladesh. The 5 Liter...


5 Liter Folee Oxygen Concentrator Price in Bangladesh

5 Liter Folee Oxygen Concentrator Price 45000/- taka in Bangladesh.Foley oxygen concentration absorbs the air around it and concentrates oxygen in it and removes nitrogen to supply it to the user. The advantage of this concentration is that it costs very little to use. Also oxygen cylinders have to be refilled as such. It does not have to be refilled.

It has a remote control function to use and control the oxygen concentrator remotely. It has a timer. Which shows the user the total working time of the device. Also, there is a timer for real-time control during oxygen inhalation.

It has a Timed shutdown function, making it easy to use. Its display has back-light function. This function displays all text in a clear and intuitive way. So that everyone can understand.

It has a power-off alarm function to signal before it shuts down. Including, Intelligent alarm function. Intelligent self-check, fault alarm, Remote Help.

The oxygen concentrator has a compressor, which is equipped with a heat shielding system. Circulating cooling system. More sufficient heat dissipation makes the operation of the oxygen concentrator more stable and lasting.

Running Noise <60 DB(A), Adopt advanced twin-tower mute design, optimized the air duct structure. free from noise.

Functions of this 5L Folee Oxygen Concentrator:

  1. On/Off.
  2. Time.
  3. Anion.
  4. Once/Total.
  5. Flow regulation knob.
  6. Oxygen display.
  7. Humidifier catching groove.
  8. Air inlet cover.
  9. Nebulization port.
  10. Switch.
  11. Fuse.
  12. Air outlet.

There are currently two types of oxygen concentrators. One of them is portable and light in weight. Which can be used anywhere. The other is a large oxygen concentrator for home use.

This concentrator is light in weight and can be used anywhere. The price is very reasonable. At present the price of 5 Liter Folee Oxygen Concentrator in the market of Bangladesh is only 45000/- taka.

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Additional information





Power Supply

AC 220V 50HZ

Input Power


Oxygen Concentration



0.02Mpa – 0.07Mpa


<60dB (A)


38.3 x 25.5 x 40 cm.

Net weight

13.5 kg.