7 Guidelines for Safety of Oxygen Concentrator.

7 Guidelines for Safety of Oxygen Concentrator.

7 Guidelines for Safety of Oxygen Concentrator.

7 Guidelines for Safety of Oxygen Concentrator.

An oxygen concentrator is designed to receive oxygen safely. But in order to it use safely, you need to need a few Knowledge. You might compare an oxygen concentrator to an oxygen cylinder or compressed oxygen. Which is used to supply medical oxygen. If you use oxygen compression, the safety system of the oxygen concentrator has nothing in common with its safety system.

It is therefore important to adhere to the following safety precautions when using portable or home-used oxygen concentrators. By reading these safety guidelines you can use your oxygen concentrate more safely.

1.Keep the concentrator at a safe distance from the fire flame or fire :

Oxygen does not ignite on its own. However, even a small fire in an environment rich in extra oxygen can cause severe fires. So never use an oxygen concentrator while sitting by a fire. Oxygen around the fire poses a danger. You need to use an oxygen concentrator while sitting by the fire, if such a situation ever occurs. Then place your oxygen concentrator and its accessories at least two meters away from the fire and you also use the concentrator two meters away from the fire.

2.Be careful when using oxygen concentrators while bathing :

It is very important for the use of oxygen concentrator and your safety that, The oxygen concentrator you use should not get wet in any way And care must be taken that it does not come in contact with moist air in any way. In that case, you have to take oxygen all the time. And take a bath while taking oxygen. Then be careful. A large cannula and extended tubing and a showerhead that can be detached will allow you to take in oxygen from the oxygen concentrator very easily and safely while bathing.

3.Maintain a certain distance from the reservoir and keep an eye on the sky :

It is very important that the oxygen concentrator you use does not get wet. So keep it from getting wet. As you can see your grandchildren are swimming directly through the pool. Then you can hug them. Or you can walk along the river bank in the afternoon. In that case, if the oxygen concentrator you have with you gets wet, you need to turn it off. This will cause disruption in your oxygen intake.

4.When using the oxygen concentrator while it is on, do not sit near it and smoke.

When a person is receiving oxygen therapy, it is very dangerous to sit next to him and smoke. This smoking can cause fatal fire accidents. Where there is an oxygen concentrator and a person is using it. Never allow smoking in such places. If someone wants to smoke, he has to use such a room. Where the oxygen concentrator is not being used or it is off. If you can’t get out of the house where the concentrator is on for smoking. You need to turn off the oxygen concentrator 10 minutes before smoking. And it will be safe to smoke after 10 minutes.

5.Avoid Aerosol products when using concentrators :

Maybe you are at home or wherever you are outside the home. You can use Aerosols for a variety of reasons. But you have to keep one thing in mind at all times, you should never use an aerosol when using an oxygen concentrator.
Aerosol products include body sprays, hair sprays, air fresheners and a variety of gases. Aerosol products can ignite fatally Fire.In this case you will avoid all aerosol products. Only when using the concentrator.

6.Properly store your portable oxygen concentrator while traveling :

Whether you travel by plane, car or train. One thing you need to make sure at all times is that you keep the oxygen concentrator safe. As a result of proper storage, This will prevent injury and reduce the hassle. If the oxygen concentrator falls off or its body is damaged in any way, its warranty-guarantee may be canceled.

7.Do not block the intake vent.

The safety tip of the oxygen concentrator is related to the vents in case of receiving. Any obstruction of the vector can interfere with the efficiency of the concentrator. This can be caused by an incorrect positioning of the machine, or a bag carrying the machine or any type of baggy clothing.

I am hopeful if you follow these 7 guidelines when using an oxygen concentrate.Then you can safely use the oxygen concentrator.

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