What is Medical Care BD?

What is Medical Care?


What is medical care?

Medical care has several important functions other than restoring or maintaining health.

The other functions include assessment and certification of health status, prognostication, segregation of the ill to limit the spread of illness, and support in dealing with illness–the caring function.

A medical care provider may legitimately provide Para curative care, without the associated intent of curing or preventing disease.

Even though such services do not have health benefits, such as lengthening of life or reducing disability, they do have other valued outcomes, outcomes not measurable as gains in personal health.

Although such services do not result in benefits to health, such as extension of life or reduction of disability, they do have other valued outcomes, outcomes not measurable as a gain in personal health status. Medical Care BD,

For example, The physician’s approach to patients, the economist’s analysis of the benefits of health services, the planner’s decisions about health programs, the evaluator’s judgments about the quality of care,

Or the patient’s expectations about treatment are strongly influenced¬† by his assumptions about the purpose of medical care or the proper outcome of the process.

When a health worker assumes that the only useful outcome is health, he may consider paramedical services to be ineffective, inefficient, or undesirable.

He may be able to better fulfill his role in the health care system when he understands and recognizes the paracurative functions of medical care medical care system.