Islam Oxygen Cylinder

Price:৳ 14,000 ৳ 10,000

You will get a complete Islam oxygen cylinder set. With it a flow meter, a trolley,...


Islam Oxygen Cylinder can be used for the flow rate of 1 to 10 liters per minute. At present, the price of this oxygen cylinder is in Bangladesh.

These cylinders are used to store gas. And it is used in medical, at home, in the car, wherever the patient needs artificial medical oxygen.

Specification of this oxygen cylinder:

  1. Standard : IS-7285:2018 (PART-1).
  2. Water Capacity(In-liter) : 12 Liter.
  3. Hydrostatic Test Pressure : 250 BAR.
  4. Max Working Pressure : 150 BARS.
  5. OUTER DIA (Approx) : 140MM.
  6. MIN. Will Thickness : 4.5 MM.
  7. Tare Weight Min : 14 KG.
  8. Length Min : 830 MM.
  9. Neck Ring : Yes.
  10. Bull Nose Valve : Yes.
  11. Peso Filling Permission : Yes.

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3 Fit.


2000 litters.

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1.4 Cubic Meter.