Five Functions ICU Electrical Hospital Bed

Made in metal frame, with Linux motor imported from Denmark, Benray brand, BR-HBE05...


Five Functions ICU Electrical Hospital Bed Price in Bangladesh.

5 function ICU beds are unique hospital beds, Which is used in ICUs to treat critically ill patients. These beds integrate intelligent ergonomics with advanced technology and intuitive operation.

6 Features of Five Functions ICU Electrical Hospital Bed :

  1. This bed is mechanically operated, with backrest. The bed is of five functions.
  2. The knees can be tilted up to 0-35 degrees for rest.
  3. For the convenience of the back, Its Trendelenburg can be baked up to 0-20 degrees.
  4. In the case of the opposite Trendelenburg , up to 0-20 degrees, can be Curved.
  5. The ICU bed can be adjusted according to the needs of the patients. Such as lifting up and lowering.
  6. It has side support. A Side Support of the bed is the high side. Which protects the patient lying in bed from falling out of bed.

9 Specification of Five Functions Intensive Care Units Bed:

  1. The dimensions of the bed L: 2140mm × H: 420 – 720mm.
  2. It has four top Sections.
  3. Its framework is made of mild steel.
  4. The ICU bed is given a finish, with a coating of fine epoxy powder.
  5. Its diameter of the Castors is 125 mm.
  6. For braking, Attached to it is the central braking system.
  7. To control the bed, it comes with a wired remote control system.
  8. It is a suitable bed for post up care, hospital bed, long term bed for rehabilitation.
  9. It uses high quality motors for knee rest, height adjustment and side rail adjustment.

ICU beds are used in intensive care units, we say ICU. These beds can be used for high-dependency care, including ventilators and feeding tubes. CPR Release , IV Poles with Hooks , Removable head and footboards, Nurse controllable this  ICU bed current price in Bangladesh.

Apart from 5 function ICU beds, we have all other types of hospital bed.

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