High Quality Two Cranks Hospital Bed Price in Bangladesh

Price:৳ 45,000 ৳ 34,500

High Quality Two Cranks Hospital Bed Price 34,500/- taka in Bangladesh. The High...


High Quality Two Cranks Hospital Bed Price 34,500/- taka in Bangladesh

High Quality Two Cranks Hospital Bed Price 34,500/- taka in Bangladesh. A high-quality two cranks hospital bed is an essential piece of equipment for any healthcare facility. These beds are designed to provide maximum comfort and safety for patients while also offering convenient features for healthcare professionals. They typically feature two cranks that allow for the easy adjustment of the head and foot sections of the bed, as well as the overall height of the bed itself.

One of the key benefits of a high-quality two cranks hospital bed is its ability to accommodate patients with different needs. For example, patients with respiratory issues may benefit from a raised head section, while those with circulatory problems may benefit from a raised foot section. The height of the bed can also be adjusted to make it easier for patients to get in and out of bed, or for healthcare professionals to provide care.

Another important feature of these beds is their durability and reliability. They are typically made from high-quality materials that can withstand frequent use and the weight of patients. They are also designed to be easy to clean and maintain, which is crucial for maintaining a safe and hygienic healthcare environment.

Comfort is also a top priority when it comes to high-quality two cranks hospital beds. Many models come with built-in padding and support features to help patients feel as comfortable as possible during their stay. Some models may also offer additional features such as adjustable side rails or integrated IV poles to provide even more convenience and comfort.

Overall, a high-quality two cranks hospital bed is an excellent investment for any healthcare facility. It offers a range of benefits for both patients and healthcare professionals, from its ability to accommodate different needs to its durability and comfort features. With so many options available on the market today, it’s important to choose a bed that meets the specific needs of your facility and patients.

Additional information

Overall Dimensions

Length: 84 inches (213.36 cm).
Width: 36 inches (91.44 cm).
Height (including mattress): 32-38 inches (81.28-96.52 cm).
Weight Capacity: At least 450 lbs (204 kg).


Constructed with high-quality steel for durability and stability.
Epoxy-coated finish for corrosion resistance.
Two crank handles to adjust the head and foot sections of the bed.
Easy to clean and maintain.


Made of high-density foam for maximum comfort and support.
Waterproof and fire-resistant.
Cover made of durable and easy to clean material.

Side Rails

Made of durable and high-quality steel.
Can be raised and lowered to provide patient safety and support.
Securely attached to the bed frame.


Four casters with brakes for easy maneuverability and stability.
Made of high-quality material for durability.


IV pole holder attachment.
Easy to use controls for the crank handles.
Removable and adjustable head and footboards.

Safety and Compliance

The bed must comply with all relevant safety standards, including those for medical devices.
The bed must have all required safety features, including side rails and a brake system for the casters.
The bed must be designed to prevent entrapment of the patient or caregiver.