Commode Wheelchair with Detachable Armrest Price in Bangladesh

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Detachable Armrest Commode Wheelchair Price 10,500/- taka in Bangladesh

Detachable Armrest Commode Wheelchair Price 10,500/- taka in Bangladesh. A detachable armrest commode wheelchair is a type of mobility aid that is designed to provide a comfortable and convenient solution for people who require assistance with their daily living activities. This wheelchair is specifically designed for people who have mobility impairments, and may also require the use of a commode for toileting purposes.

The detachable armrest feature of this wheelchair makes it easy to transfer the user in and out of the chair, as well as providing easy access to the commode when needed. This feature also makes it easier for caregivers to assist the user with daily tasks such as bathing and dressing, as the armrests can be removed to allow for greater access.

The commode feature of this wheelchair is also a crucial element, as it allows the user to perform their toileting needs with greater ease and dignity. The commode is discreetly integrated into the design of the wheelchair, ensuring that the user does not feel self-conscious or embarrassed when using it.

The wheelchair itself is also designed with the user’s comfort in mind. The seat and backrest are padded for added comfort, and the wheelchair is adjustable to fit the user’s individual needs. The frame is made from lightweight and durable materials, ensuring that the wheelchair is both easy to maneuver and long-lasting.

Overall, a detachable armrest commode wheelchair is an excellent option for people who require assistance with their daily living activities. It provides a convenient and comfortable solution for mobility and toileting needs, while also allowing for greater independence and dignity.

Additional information

Frame Material

Carbon steel

Seat Width

18 inches

Seat Depth

16 inches

Seat Height

20 inches (fixed)

Backrest Height

16 inches


Padded, detachable, flip-back


Swing-away, detachable


Removable bucket


Solid rubber tires, 24 inches (rear), 8 inches (front)


Hand-operated, locking

Weight Capacity

300 lbs

Weight of Wheelchair

41 lbs

Optional Accessories

Seat belt, anti-tipping device, adjustable headrest, oxygen tank holder, etc.