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Beurer Pulse Oximeter Price in Bangladesh.

It is a perfect self-monitoring device for oxygen saturation in your body. A pulse oximeter is able to accurately measure your body’s heart rate and oxygen saturation. This machine is very useful, especially for patients with heart failure. You can also use the device for high altitude sports such as mountaineering, skiing or aviation sports.

Why would you use the Beaver Pulse Oximeter?

  1. To check and monitor your body’s oxygen saturation regularly.
  2. It is a clinically proven perfect device for home use.
  3. Used to measure oxygen saturation in patients with respiratory diseases such as COPD, asthma, covid-19 and lung disease.
  4. It has Bluetooth technology to deliver all the information of Pulse Oximeter to your mobile.
  5. If you use this device, you will be able to transfer all the information including Oxygen Saturation Level to your doctor through the app.
  6. patients with bronchial asthma, heart failure, and patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. It is especially suitable for those.

Specification of BEURER pulse oximeter :

  1. It has four available scenes. With color display.
  2. Its display height is adjustable.
  3. Its display is a graphic pulse display.
  4. Its measured data can be transferred.
  5. It is a very small device and light in weight. Can be used while running.
  6. It has memory space for 100 measurements.
  7. The device has an advanced quality automatic switch-off system.
  8. This is the charge of your battery If less. It will indicate.

If you have a heart condition or if you need to measure the body’s oxygen saturation from time to time. Then the Beaver Pulse Oximeter is the biggest solution for you.

If you want to purchase this device. Then you need to know, What is the price of Beaver pulse oximeter in Bangladesh?  The price of this oximeter is only 2200/- Taka in Bangladesh.

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Additional information

Available views





2 x 1.5 V AAA batteries

Colour display


Graphic pulse display


Medical device


Product weight

approx. 57 g

Product dimensions

61 x 36 x 32 mm





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