What is a Nebulizer Machine?

What is a Nebulizer Machine?

Nebulizer Machine

Nebulizer Machine

The nebulizer machine is a small medical device. Which turns the liquid medicine into the fog and quickly delivers the medicine to the patient’s lungs. There are usually two types of nebulizers, Such as battery-powered and electrically powered. And both types of nebulizers are portable. Which you can carry anywhere. And you can use it by placing it on a table and plugging it into the wall.

A nebulizer machine consists of three versions. Such as:

  1. There is a small container for liquid medicine.
  2. There is a tube. Which connects the air compressor to the medicine container.
  3. The machine is a base. Which contains a compressor.

The machine has a mask on top of the medicine container. This mask is used to carry the fog created by the nebulizer in the patient’s lungs.However, the patient has to breathe while using this mask, then the fog will go to the patient’s lungs.

A nebulizer can usually be used by 5 types of patients. For example:

  1. Pulmonary fibrosis.
  2. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD).
  3. Cystic fibrosis.
  4. Asthma
  5. Bronchiectasis.

This nebulizer machine is very useful when providing medicine to young children ‍and providing palliative care to patients.

Types of nebulizer machines :

At present, there are three types of nebulizer machines available in the market in Bangladesh. For example:

  1. Mesh nebulizer machines use a mesh cap with small holes. It provides medicine to the patient’s lungs in a very effective way. These nebulizers are much more effective than jet nebulizers.
  2. The jet nebulizer uses compressed gas to create fumes from the drug.This type of nebulizer is a very common type of nebulizer.
  3. Ultrasonic nebulizers turn liquid drugs into smoke through vibrations.This type of nebulizer is not used for personal use. It is commonly used in hospitals.

How to Use a Nebulizer Machine?

Nebulizer machines are very easy to use. These machines are small enough for traveling or dorm rooms. And there is very little noise when used. Unable to adjust inhaler time for young children and others, in these cases, nebulizer machines are often necessary. Medicines are sterile, The unit dose is in the vial. In this case no mixture is required.

Step-by-step instructions for nebulizer machine:

1.Firstly, Wash your hands before using the nebulizer machine.This is because it will disinfect your machine.

2.Second, thoroughly test all aspects of the drug before medicine it into your machine.
.When does the medicine expire?
.Is the medicine bottle broken or damaged?
.Does the color of the medicine show discoloration?
.These medicine, Was it at least close to cold or hot weather?

If the answer to all these questions is positive. Then replace the medicine in the machine.

3.Collect all the equipment in your nebulizer: You will have a compressor, tubing, a cup for medicine, and mouthpiece a to set up the machine. There may be a mask again. The compressor converts the liquid drug into an aerosol and sends it to the lungs through a mask. The cup in the machine determines how well the system can produce droplets. Which is the exact size of the aerosol in the airways.

Breathing-enhancing and respiratory-circulation units reduce drug wastage through the air. Very young children and disabled or elderly patients who cannot use the mouthpiece. In their case always use a mask when using this machine.

However, you need to use a mask that fits smoothly over the face. This will make it possible to take the medicine properly.

4.At this stage, pour the medicine into the cup of the nebulizer machine. Choose a cup. Which will sit flat on top of the machine. Check the smell while pouring the medicine. Avoid any medicine that smells bad, spoiled or the like. In many cases, it may contain rubbing alcohol.

Never overfill the cup. This is because it cannot aerosolize the drug in the right particle size.

5.At this stage, you should wear your mask well with your face.If you use a mouthpiece, keep it tightly closed around the teeth and lips. Then turn on your machine. Now breathe normally. If you start coughing,When using drugs from the nebulizer, then turn off your machine.

Turn on the machine when you can breathe properly and normally.Then continue your breathing until the medicine in the cup is finished. One thing we have to keep in mind in this case. That is, the drug should never be ‘blow-by’ or misted in front of children’s mouths; This will release the drug into the air, not the lungs. So use a mask.

6.After Eclipse the medicine with nebulizer. Wash the nebulizer machine. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions at all times to clean the nebulizer cups, mouthpieces and tubes. If there is dust, sand, and dirt in the machine’s cup, it will go to your lungs. So clean the machine with clean hands. Once the machine is completely clean and dry. Then save the machine properly. As such, it can be used anytime later and is free from dust and germs.

This nebulizer machine is essential for patients suffering from various ailments including COPD, asthma and cystic fibrosis. If any of you need this Noise Reduction Nebulizer Machine you can buy it. The price of nebulizer machine is very low here.