PHOENIX medical Manual Standard Wheelchair – Black and Silver

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PHOENIX medical Manual Standard Wheel chair  Price in Bangladesh.

The Phoenix Medical Manual Standard wheelchair is a type of wheelchair. It is usually used by people who are unable to move normally. In this type of chair, the paralyzed person travels from one place to another. These looks are hand driven. Users use this chair by pushing the wheel with their own hands.

Specifications Thsi PHOENIX Wheel Chair :

  1. Frame Material: Steel Frame.
  2. Side Plate: Stainless Steel Plate.
  3. Foot Plate: Aluminum.
  4. Upholstery: PVC Seat and Back.
  5. Wheel Type: Spoking Wheel with Solid PVC Rubber Tire.
  6. Armrest Support: Fixed armrest with soft sponge top.
  7. Application: Health Care Physiotherapy.
  8. For people: Disabled Elderly.

Description of PHOENIX medical Manual Standard Wheel chair :

  1. It is a self-contained and removable wheelchair.
  2. Durable chrome steel frame has been used to make it.
  3. It has armrests for foot comfort. Also, its elevating footrests can be separated.
  4. Wheelchair wheels have outdoor area and access points.
  5. Wheelchair only 32 “wide. This model is suitable for general home and everywhere use.
  6. Its front wheels are durable 8 “of PVC Universal. And 24” solid rubber rear wheels, with excellent shock absorption.
  7. Its beautiful, durable, and damp proofing design gives users comfort.
  8. The backrest and cushions and the inner cover of the canvas are made of man-made leather.
  9. It is a foldable wheelchair that can be transported in less space and easily.
  10. Toggle-bracing brakes are used on the face for braking.
  11. This brake system allows the wheelchair to stop easily.
  12. It is a wheelchair of Ergonomic design. Which is based on the physiological curvature of the human waist, Has been created. This design provides maximum comfort to the user.
  13. Maximum weight carrying capacity is 120 kg.

A user-friendly wheelchair gives the user freedom of movement. On the other hand, It also helps the user to manage the physical activity properly. One such wheelchair is the PHOENIX medical Manual Standard Wheelchair. At present the price of this wheel chair in Bangladesh is only 12000/- taka.

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Frame Material

Steel Frame

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18Kg (Approx.)

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