Fingertip FPX-033 Pulse Rate Oximeter

This pulse oximeter has advanced technology including SpO2 and pulse monitoring,...


Fingertip FPX-033 Pulse Rate Oximeter price in BD.

The Finger Tip FPX-033 Pulse Oximeter is a lightweight instrument. Which is used to measure the level of oxygen in the body.
It measures the body’s oxygen percentage by transmitting light wavelengths through the fingers. When this machine completes its evaluation, the pulse oximeter The skin will show your body the percentage of oxygen in the blood.

Technical information of Fingertip FPX-033 Pulse Rate Oximeter :

  1. It has two parameters: SPO2, pulse rate.
  2. It has a color OLED display. Which is adjustable all around.
  3. It will give you, SpO2 and pulse monitoring, and web form display.
  4. It can be used for 50 hours at a time. It consumes very little energy during use.
  5. The machine is very small in size, light in weight, strong and very convenient to carry.
  6. It has a low voltage alarm display. There is also an auto power-off system.
  7. It is powered by high-quality Standard AAA batteries.

Some Specification of this Pulse Oximeter :

  1. Classification: Pulse Oximeter.
  2. Type: Pulse Oximeter.
  3. Certification: CE.
  4. Group: Middle-aged and Old.
  5. Material: ABS.
  6. Display: OLED.

A small, lightweight fingertip device can tell you important information about your health during a respiratory illness or Covid-19. Such as what percentage of the current oxygen level in your body. And the name of this precious fingertip device is Fingertip FPX-033 Pulse Rate Oximeter.

We are currently selling this device in Bangladesh. This pulse oximeter price in Bangladesh(BD).

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