Sleeping Position Commode Wheelchair

Used for adults and children, this wheelchair can be used by any person with a disability....


Sleeping Position Commode Wheel chair Price in Bangladesh.

Useful for versatile use, a wheelchair is a Sleeping Position Commode Wheelchair. The special features of this chair are reclining, built-in commode, customizable armrest ‍, and footrest, and folding of the chair. This chair can be folded very easily, which helps you to carry it easily while traveling and outing.

The chair has a backrest.Patients do not get up from chairs, Patients can easily lean on the back of the chair.
To make the footrest comfortable, to make it inclined, and to adjust There is a system.

Wheelchairs have high-quality well-padded thigh support footrests.It is designed for comfort. The front and rear wheels of the chair are designed in such away. So that a user can recline in a wheelchair.

The design of the front and rear wheels of the chair has made this Wheelchair a very safe and friendly wheelchair.

Wheelchair There is a built-in commode under the main seat. This commode is used for defecation.You can fold the Wheelchair by removing the commode and chair seat while folding the Wheelchair.

The chair has two braking systems. A user can use it ‍himself. The other is used by the assistant. The braking system used by the assistant is the handle.

Features and benefits of Sleeping Position Commode wheelchair :

  1. To enable the user to operate the wheelchair himself, The wheelchair has large wheels with hand railings.
  2.  This wheelchair has a high-quality bed arrangement. For this, it can be lowered up to 180 degrees. This will allow a patient to lie down like a bed.
  3. It has a headrest system. When the user leans on it.Then this system gives comfort to a user. The headrest has an isolated pillow with it.
  4. Footrests with leg pads can be raised for the convenience of the user’s feet.
  5.  Wheelchair armrests and elevating footrests can be distinguished.
  6. It can be folded in a few seconds. Again, it can be set up in a few seconds.
  7. Solid caster and rear wheel.
  8. Its commode seat is made of plastic.
  9.  Its padded Thigh supports.
  10.  The Wheelchair foot plate is made of aluminum.

Some Specifications of this Commode Wheelchair :

  • Model No : JX-564LGCU
  • Material : Steel.
  • Characteristic : Multi-Function, Design Sense, Resistance to Heavy, Fashion, Beautiful.
  • Application : Elderly, Children.
  • Folded : Non-Folding.
  • Cerfification : ISO, CE.
  • Customized : Yes Customized.
  • Condition : New.
  • Power Type : Manual.
  • Sample : Available.
  • OEM : Available.
  • Frame : Burable.
  • Fackage : Standard Export Brown Carton Box.
  • Seat Height : 50 CM.
  • Total Height : 128 CM.
  • PCS / Cn : 2PCS.
  • Specification : 97 x 41 X 86 CM.
  • Origin : China.
  • HS Code : 8713100000.

The sleeping position commode wheelchair can be placed anywhere in the room. You can usually have these wheelchairs in all the places where you will spend a lot of time.

You can also use it to change location. It is a wheelchair resistant to water and rust. At present, the price of this commode wheelchair used exclusively for the Elderly and Children in Bangladesh.