VentMed DS8 BiPAP ST30 Machine with Humidifier

Price:৳ 95,000 ৳ 80,000

Portable, pressure range (cmH2O) 4cmH20-30 cmH20,Humidifier Level Integrated...

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VentMed DS8 BiPAP ST30 Auto CPAP machine price 80,000/- taka in Bangladesh.

A VentMed DS8 BiPAP ST30 Auto CPAP Machine is one of the most effective medical equipment for the treatment of sleep apnea. Obstructive sleep apnea can lead to obstruction of your breathing or block your throat or airways.

In that case, if you use a CPAP machine. When you sleep, the machine will send a steady stream of oxygen into your nose and mouth. This keeps your airways open and allows you to breathe normally.

Description of this VentMed DS8 BiPAP ST30 Auto CPAP    Machine :

  1. The machine is equipped with ventilated two-tier positive airway pressure system with an expiratory pressure relief system.Which gives the patient the ultimate offer in sleep therapy.
  2. You will get natural sleep comfort while using the machine. For this, auto-adjusting pressure delivery has been integrated with the machine to relieve the respiratory pressure.
  3. You can use it in places where there is a respiratory deficiency.
  4. Designed for an adult.
  5. The machine can store real-time data for more than 20 hours. It can also store used records for more than 1 year.
  6. It has a huge display and a TFT 2.8 “Screen. This Screen will show you the air flow and its pressure.
  7. It has SD card. Which is used for data communication.
  8. Every algorithm and parton is very intelligent.
  9. It is made using UV technology.The machine looks dark gray.
  10. The EPR system of the machine will relieve you from the pressure of breathing.
  11. The machine has an independent air flow channel.
  12. It has a perimeter lock system. After setting all the parameters you can no longer change them.
  13. A few more parameters can be set to make the user’s sleep more comfortable.

Specification of this CPAP Machine :

  1. Ventilation modes – CPAP, Auto, S, T, ST, APCV.
  2. Colour – Grey.
  3. Sound – <28dB.
  4. Pressure Range – 4cmH20–30 cmH20.
  5. Screen – 2.8 inchTFT. 320×240.
  6. IPAP – 4cmH20 -30 cmH20.
  7. EPAP – 4cmH20 -20 cmH20.
  8. Lock Function -Yes.
  9. Power Supply – Input 100-240V,50-60Hz, Output +24V,2.SA.
  10. Backup Rate – 5-50/min adjustable”.
  11. Screen Auto Sleep – Auto sleep in 15 minutes.
  12. Ramp time – 0-60 min adjustable 1 min/step.
  13. Backup Rate – 5-50/min adjustable”.
  14. Auto ON/OFF – Yes.
  15. Ramp time – 0-60 min adjustable 1 min/step.
  16. Expirate Level – 1-5 level.
  17. Inspirate Sensitivity – 1-5 level.
  18. Water Capacity – 220ML max.
  19. Humidifier Level – Integrated Heated,0-5 level”.

To eliminate snoring and prevent sleep apnea. Your doctor may tell you to use a CPAP machine. Now you may be wondering, what kind of CPAP machine do you need to buy?

The best CPAP machine in Bangladesh is VentMed DS8 BiPAP ST30 Auto CPAP Machine. You can buy this CPAP machine from us at very low price. We sell this machine all over Bangladesh. This CPAP Machine Price 80,000/- taka in Bangladesh.

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BIPAP machine



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4-30cmH2O,Auto adjust


4-30 cmH2O

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