Hospital Bed 3 Function ABS

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3 Function ABS Hospital Bed Price in Bangladesh.

3 Function ABS hospital bed is a hospital bed. This bed has three main functions. The first is the back adjustment, the second is the leg adjustment and the third is the back, leg, and height adjustment.

Back Adjustment : With the back adjustment, patients can easily get up and sit down and do some of the tasks of daily life. This in many cases reduces the burden on nurses and patients.

Leg Adjustment : Blood circulation in the patient’s legs through leg adjustment, prevention of varicose veins also helps in easy-care of daily care of the feet.

Height Adjustment : Height adjustment allows a patient to get out of bed easily and get down of bed easily.

Description of 3 Function ABS Hospital Bed :

  1. Bed size (2150 mm x 965 mm x 485 to 710 mm(height adjustable).
  2. It is a motorized bed with 3 controls including a control box and handset.
  3. It has three cranks.
  4. This section has bed boards. Which is hydraulically pressed on 18 SWG CRCA sheet.
  5. The bed has 2 sets of bows for the head and legs. Which is made of high-quality engineering plastics.
  6. It has a locking system and site railings for patient safety. Which is made with aluminum collapsible.
  7. IV  Pole has a system. (This is used to hold different bags. Such as saline, blood, drainage bags etc.)
  8. Each brake has 125mm caster.
  9. For special benefits, there is the advantage of scratch resistance. For this, it has used Epoxy powder coating with 8 tank process.
  10. It has a central locking mechanism with battery backup for electronic boards.

3 Function ABS Hospital beds are one of the most sought-after hospital beds in general. All patients who do not need an ICU bed can use this bed. Because its usefulness is much more. At present the price of this hospital bed in the market of Bangladesh is only 45000/- taka.

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Item Dimensions LxWxH

2.06 x 0.9 x 0.6 Meters

Item Weight

90 Kilograms


Manual ABS Panel

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