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Medical Oxygen Concentrator Owgels:

Robust and elegant look.psa (pressure swing adsorption technology)
Flow setting continues from 0 lpm to 5 lpm. 93% +/- 3% purity at 5 lpm
Stable pressure (In Kgf / Cm2): 95, operating pressure (In Kgf / Cm2): 93
Built-in nebulizer, low adjustment and esay
German respiratory therapy
Medical Concentrator History:

Owgels 10 Liter Oxygen Concentrator specially designed dual outlets according using the nebulizer with oxygen. This is a machine specifically designed to target Home/Clinics. User-friendly design including easy-to-see-and-understand control panel, Easy entrance to humidifier bottle, Low sound level allows to use during sleep, Filters located outside of the housing for easy maintenance, 4 wheels make it easy to move.

Multiple Ways to use

  • It comes with two flow meters having flowed from 0-5 liter and 0-10 liter per minute, it can deliver 5LPM oxygen with two persons simultaneously and can deliver 10LPM with one person.
  • it also has an atomization function Safety.
  • The machine has an audiovisual alarm for power failure, low oxygen level, low pressure.

Product Details (Medical Oxygen Concentrator Servants)

Model: OZ-5-01TW0 (5L), Brand: Owgels Made in China.

Power: 350W
Medium audio pressure level: ≤50dB (A)
pressure: 30-60kpa
flow: 5L / min ± 10%
focus: ≥90%

Flow Specification Total      10 LPM (Dual 5 LPM each)

Power  Consumption            750 Watts

Weight                                      29.5KG

Oxygen Concentration          93%+3%

Warranty                                  1Year