High Quality Two Cranks Hospital Bed

The 2 Cranks hospital bed has aluminum alloy side rails with secure lock locks,...


High Quality Two Cranks Medical Bed Price in Bangladesh.

Two-crank medical beds are most commonly used for patients who are not paralyzed. The two crank medical beds offer top and bottom back and knee adjustment. Which plays a very important role in the health care of the patient. Also, 2 crank medical beds are most commonly used in hospital or nursing care for the elderly.

Important Specification of this Two Crank Medical Bed :

  1. Dimension : 8 x 4 Feet.
  2. Application : Hospitals.
  3. Load Capacity : 150 kg.
  4. Is It Movable : Movable.
  5. Back Rest Tilt : Yes.
  6. Finishing : Powder Coated.

Description this Medical Bed :

  1. This bed is a height-determined bed.
  2. LS920B-6  ABS Head/Foot board.
  3. Its back rest adjustable angle. Which is from 0 to 75 degrees.
  4. It has four wheels with two brakes. Brake diameter: 125 mm.
  5. Dimension:1880mm(L)×770mm(W)×480mm(H).
  6. It comes with I.V.Pole as a standard accessory.

You can purchase this Two Cranks Medical Bed if you think your parents or you need a decent but standard Medical bed. At present the price of this High Quality Two Cranks Medical bed is only 35000/- taka in Bangladesh.

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Additional information


Hospital Furniture

Model Number


Brand Name


Specific Use

Medical / Hospital Bed

General Use

Commercial Furniture



Metal Type

Stainless Steel

Place of Origin

Hebei, China




4 Castors




Two Functions