Stop Coronavirus Disease.

Medical Oxygen for Corona Virus Patients.

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Covid-19 Symptoms.

Coronavirus Disease

High Fever.

With Dry Cough.

There will be a sore throat.

There will be lots of shortness of breath.

How is the ‚ÄčCoronavirus Disease Spread?

The invisible Covid-19 virus is spread by coughing, sneezing and wind.

The disease is spread through personal communication. Such as: shaking hands, hugging, sitting face to face and talking, etc.

The coronavirus is spread by people who come in contact with an infected person.

Most coronaviruses are spread through public gatherings. We must avoid public gatherings.

Corona Virus Disease Resistance

Wash our hands after some time. Then the hand will be germ free.

Always wear face masks when going out and in front of others. Avoid cloth masks.

Keep yourself away from people with coughs, fever, or shortness of breath.

Use a handkerchief when coughing or smiling. This will prevent germs from spreading around you.