What is Asthma?

What is Asthma

What is Asthma

If your breathing is disturbed, and if you have difficulty breathing. So the thing is, make us really uncomfortable. Asthma is the name given to this discomfort caused by breathing.

Asthma experts say:

Asthma is actually a disease caused by inflammation of the respiratory tract. It is a chronic disease. In this case, inflammation of the respiratory tract causes swelling of the airways. Then the infected person, with shortness of breath, Cough, Whistling in the chest, Chest pressure Etc. Symptoms appear. And the combination of all these symptoms is called asthma.

Why is this disease?

No specific reason has been given yet. But there are some issues. Which plays an important role in creating and sustaining this disease.
Below we mention the reasons :

  1. This disease can be due to heredity. If someone has this disease in the family, it can be passed on to the next generation.
  2.  Animal fur, Arshola, Molecules, Fungi etc Risk for asthma.
  3.  Various stimulants in the factory, cigarette smoke,The pungent odor of color, The risk of this disease increases due to cold air etc.
  4. Excessive use of various painkillers such as aspirin, heroin, etc. can cause asthma.
  5. Our mental stress and excessive emotion can also increase the severity of this disease in many cases.
  6. Boys are more likely to get the disease in childhood and girls are more likely to get it in adulthood.
  7. In some cases, eating certain foods can increase the severity of this disease. For example: beef, shrimp, hilsa, eggplant.

Symptoms of asthma :

  1. Dust and sand on the nose and face increase respiratory distress.
  2. Long-term shortness of breath.
  3. Suffocation.
  4. Increased shortness of breath during the change of seasons.
  5. Sudden wheezing sound in the chest while breathing.
  6. Occasionally there is a feeling of pressure in the chest.
  7. Just cough or dry cough.

Asthma tests :

  1. Spirometry or peak flowmetry tests to determine if the patient has respiratory obstruction.
  2. There are methacholine challenge tests to test for respiratory hypersensitivity.
  3. Between blood and phlegm Blood tests are done to determine if eosinophil serum IgE levels are high.
  4. Skin prick test for allergen or trigger test.

Treatment of asthma :

  1. Many times to prevent an asthma attack, The patient is given a steroid injection into a vein.
  2. Instantly dilates the airways and reduces respiratory obstruction In case of. Salbutamol-type sedation is used.
  3. If the level of asthma is severe, the doctor tells the patient to use the nebulizer. However, it is very important to disinfect the used nebulizer. Before use.
  4. Steroids, Aminophylline, Drugs are used to prevent cromoglycate etc.
  5. However, inhalers are considered to be the most effective and modern method in the treatment of asthma.
  6. Good results can be obtained by applying a very small amount of medicine, no side effects.

Inhalers for the treatment of asthma:

Of all the types of inhalers available in Bangladesh, The most affordable and widely used inhaler is MDI or Metered Dose Inhaler. This allows the medicine tiny particles to be applied to the lungs in the form of fog.

The strategy for applying MDI is as follows:

First, Open the lid of the mouthpiece of the inhaler. Then lift your chin and look straight ahead. Continue to exhale slowly, and expel all air from the chest.

This time place the mouthpiece of the inhaler between the teeth and hold it with your lips. Hold the chip in such a way that there is no gap. Then continue to breathe slowly and pull the aerosol into the lungs by pressing firmly on the canister.

When the chest is full of breath, remove the inhaler from the mouth and hold the breath for 5-10 seconds. The medicine may accumulate in the airways of the lungs.

Then breathe normally. In this way, the patient is given one puff of medicine. If you need to take 2 Puff, repeat after 30 seconds. Then close the mouthpiece with the lid of the inhaler.

After using the steroid inhaler, rinse your mouth with water and discard the water. This will clear the medicine that has accumulated in the mouth. The risk of side effects will be reduced in many parts. However, water can not be swallowed in any way.

How days long does the inhaler last :

MDI is effective for up to two years after production. However, once used, it is not effective for more than 6 months. There are several rules to follow when using. This includes keeping away from excess and direct sunlight. The room temperature should be kept between 20 to 25 degrees.

The only way to understand if NDI is empty is to count the dose. It is necessary to keep track of how many doses it was and how many doses were used.

What we need to know :

Shortness of breath does not mean asthma. We may also have difficulty breathing due to heart disease, anemia, etc. Also asthma is not a contagious disease. 24 crore people in the world are affected by this disease. Of these, about three and a half million people die of asthma every year. 80 percent of them are from third world.