Advance Order

The service you need tomorrow or next week or next month. You can book your service in advance at low cost here.  

Below is a list of all the services 
that you can book in advance:

4 Company Oxygen Cylinders ​rental  and Sell.

The demand for oxygen cylinders of four companies is in the market of Bangladesh.  We sell oxygen cylinders of these four companies. You can pre-order Oxygen Cylinders from any of these four companies here. The four companies are Linde Bangladesh, Islam Oxygen, China Oxygen and Rama Cylinder.

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5L & 10L Oxygen Concentrator rental and sale.

5 liter oxygen concentrators are used to provide moderate oxygen flow and are the mainstay of oxygen therapy at home. A 10 liter oxygen concentrator is used to deliver oxygen at high pressure.


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All Type of Hospital Bed rental and sale.

We rent and sell 2 function, 3 function, 4 function, 5 function ‍and Electric ICU hospital beds. By ordering in advance you will be able to purchase the hospital bed you need at a low price.


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Ordinary and High Quality Wheelchair Rental and Sale.

Many type of wheelchair. such example : Manual,
Powered, Pediatric, commode wheelchair. These four types of wheelchairs are the most used in Bangladesh. You can purchase or rent this types wheelchairs from us. In this case we have the arrangement of advance order.

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Advance Order of Oxygen Cylinder Refill Service.

Oxygen cylinders are mainly used to hold liquid medical oxygen gas. And when the oxygen from the cylinder runs out. Then the oxygen cylinder needs to be refilled. Do you need to regularly refill oxygen cylinders for asthma, covid-19 patients?  We are by your side with advance refuel service.  

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Nursing Home Care Services.

Nursing home care services help patients to receive services at home.  We have 6 nursing services. Services that allow you to stay at home and allow all hospital services to be received at home.

Nursing Care